Venkaiah Naidu Front-Runner As BJP Looks South For Veep: Sources

But sources were non-committal on the chance of the party selecting union minister Venkaiah Naidu or C Vidyasagar Rao, 2 names that are in circulation.

NEW DELHI: The ruling BJP is predicted to satisfy tonight and name its candidate for vice chairman. prime sources within the party have indicated that it’s possible to be an individual from South Asian nation.

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu is claimed to be a favorite, although sources square measure non-committal as a result of it’s for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to determine whether or not he can spare a cupboard minister. This was seen to be why a senior minister was dominated go in the presidential polls.

PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah met last week for discussions and square measure possible to share their views at the meeting of the party’s prime body, the parliamentary board later these days.

Voting is happening these days for the presidential poll, that the BJP’s candidate Ram Nath Kovind is about to win simply. The ruling party’s vice presidential alternative is additionally expected to urge the support of 557 of total 787 MPs.

Sources say the BJP and its advisers have a three-factor demand of their candidate: a background as a rigorous subscriber to the core values of the BJP and its philosophic mentor the RSS; the power to run swimmingly the Rajya Sabha, of that the vice chairman is the Chairman and wherever the govt. is presently in a very minority; and to represent a key support base of the BJP, rather like Ram Nath Kovind, a Dalit leader.


In May, mister Naidu had used his trademark word-play to rule himself out from the presidential and vice presidential race.

“I neither wish to become Rashtrapati (president), nor do i need to become uprashtrapati (vice-president). i’m happy being Usha’s pati (wife Usha’s husband),” mister Naidu quipped once questioned by reporters.

Party insiders say mister Naidu’s nomination can boost the party’s attractiveness in states like Telangana and state.

Opposition parties last week named as their vice presidential candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi, a former governor World Health Organization was additionally in short thought of by them for the post of president.

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