‘I Was Trapped, ‘Jailed Kerala Actor Dileep Says In Actress’ Kidnapping

Malayalam actor Dileep has been suspect of conspiracy within the abduction ANd assault of an histrion, with whom, the police alleged, he had a “personal enmity.”


  • Actor Dileep, in remission for seizure of South Dravidian histrion, sent to jail
  • “I am innocent and that i can prove my innocence,” the actor same
  • Actor Dileep had “personal enmity” with the histrion, alleged police

KOCHI:Malayalam wiz Dileep, in remission on weekday within the seizure ANd regulatory offence of an histrion in Feb, has been sent to jail for fourteen days. He are going to be lodged at the Aluva sub-jail, around twenty five klick from Kochi. His lawyers square measure expected to hunt bail tomorrow.

“I am innocent and that i can prove my innocence. i used to be cornered,” the 48-year-old actor same this morning before he was taken to jail. He was in remission on weekday evening when several rounds of questioning at AN unrevealed location.

People gathered ahead of the jail nowadays mocked the actor by shouting slogans of “Welcome to Central Jail.” Dileep’s last film in 2016 was “Welcome to Central Jail”. Last evening, a building that he owns in Kochi was attacked ANd pillaged by an angry crowd.

The actor, thought-about by several because the third hottest South Dravidian star when legends Mamooty and Mohan Lal, has been suspect of conspiracy within the abduction and assault of the histrion, with whom, the police alleged, he had a “personal enmity.”

On Feb seventeen this year, the histrion was movement by road to Kochi for work once she was kidnapped and control captive in a very moving automotive for nearly 2 hours. Four men abused her and conjointly took photos on their cellphones, before marketing her close to the house of a movie director, UN agency known as the police.

Six people, as well as neutron star Suni, a driver she had raped your time back, were in remission. neutron star Suni has reportedly told the police that he was paid to attack the histrion.


Police sources same they’re investigation the allegation that Dileep had offered one.5 large integer rupees for AN attack on the histrion in 2013 which he was seen with neutron star Suni, the actress’ former driver and therefore the main suspect within the case, in a very BMW on many occasions.

Dileep was questioned last month for over twelve hours when he claimed he and a director were being blackmailed for one.5 crores by the abductors, as well as neutron star Suni. “A massive shark can fall,” neutron star Suni had told reporters last week when his jail sentence was extended for the second time.

The police have earlier raided Lakshya, a store closely-held by Dileep’s mate, in search of crucial proof, supported the confession of Suni.

The histrion UN agency was attacked had recently talked regarding proceeding “against AN actor” UN agency she same had incorrectly recommended that she was friends together with her former driver. “It’s been delivered to my data that AN actor has same that the suspect during this case – neutron star Suni and that i were friends which one ought to take care whereas befriending individuals. This has displeased Maine. If such idle allegations {are|ar|area unit|square Maineasure} created against me, i’m even willing to require proceeding, if needed,” she had same in a very statement.

Though she failed to name anyone it absolutely was clear she was talking regarding her co-star Dileep, UN agency looked as if it would recommend in a very TV interview that the histrion ought to are a lot of cautious regarding UN agency she befriended.

Women in Cinema Collective, a rights organisation discovered by Dileep’s former mate and histrion Manju Warrier when the attack on the histrion, same on Facebook, “We wish justice for our lady colleague…Let the investigation progress, proof be collected and let the reality set out.”

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