Rahul Gandhi Called Pappu On WhatsApp By Congress Leader: Reports

Some BJP leaders and alternative critics of Rahul Gandhi confer with him slightingly as “Pappu” (young boy) to counsel he’s uninformed, sometimes on social media.



  • Congressman allegedly known as Rahul Gandhi “Pappu” on WhatsApp
  • He says pictures area unit photo-shopped however has been penalised by party
  • BJP says Congress took no action against leader World Health Organization abused army chief

The Congress is vulnerable from the opposition over media reports that it’s penalised a senior leader when he allegedly referred on a WhatsApp cluster to party vice chairman Rahul Gandhi as “Pappu”.

Some BJP leaders as well as party president Amit monarch and alternative critics of Mr Gandhi, 46, confer with him slightingly as “Pappu” (young boy) to counsel he’s uninformed, sometimes on social media.

Vivek Pradhan, a legislator in Meerut, told the days of Bharat that his messages on a Congress WhatsApp cluster had been photoshopped to border him which he wasn’t given an opportunity to gift his defense to the party. He has been removed as President of the Meerut district and alternative party posts, in line with newspapers.

The Congress has to date not commented on the difference, however the BJP aforementioned that it exposes the party’s obsequiousness. “Punishment for ‘Pappu’ followed quickly however there was no penalty for job the military chief a edge goon,” aforementioned BJP advocate Sambit Patra.

On Sunday, Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit used “sadak ke goonde” to confer with the chief of the military, General Bipin Rawat. Mr Gandhi aforementioned the previous MP was wholly out of line which it absolutely was intolerably to undertake and “do politics with the army”. However, the BJP has aforementioned that Mr Dikshit has been justify with a rap on the carpus and demanded that he be expelled by the Congress.

Mr Pradhan, of the WhatsApp difference, has aforementioned he plans to fulfill Mr Gandhi to supply a proof. He can got to wait. Mr Gandhi proclaimed yesterday that he’s flying abroad to pay time together with his gran. His break comes because the Congress is assaultive the govt over the killing of 5 farmers by the Madhya Pradesh police at a mass protest and once the opposition is uniting over a doable election for President of Bharat.

Recent revolts by farmers in Madhya Pradesh and geographical region, each states ruled by the BJP, difficult loan waivers and higher costs for his or her manufacture have allowed the opposition to say Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party has no commitment to relieving rural distress.

Watch: Varun Dhawan rides through Mumbai in his ‘Judwaa 2’ avatar

After finishing the London schedule of ‘Judwaa 2′, it had been reportable that the team of the film had came back to India. Nothing a lot of has been given away as way because the protagonists’ appearance square measure involved by the sole teaser poster that free earlier this year.
It looks that Varun has resumed the shoot of the film in metropolis in AN all vogue. during a video announce by him on his Instagram account, the ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ actor is seen riding seat through the lanes of Worli Village in metropolis. Varun sports long locks and a headscarf, indicating his hunt for one amongst the twins that he plays within the film.

Easy rider #judwaa2 #worlivillage

A post shared by Varun Dhawan (@varundvn) on

Varun wrote along side the video, “Easy rider #judwaa2 #worlivillage”

Mumbai: Actress found dead in house; murder suspected

Small-time histrion Kritika Choudhary (30) was found dead beneath mysterious circumstances at her residence in residential district Andheri these days, police aforementioned.

Small-time histrion Kritika Choudhary (30) was found dead beneath mysterious circumstances at her residence in residential district Andheri these days, police aforementioned.
Police suspect it to be a case of murder, associate investigation official aforementioned.
The incident came to lightweight at around 3:45 pm once Choudhary’s neighbours complained of foul smell emanating from her flat and privy police.
Choudhary was a resident of Bhairavnath Society in Char cottage space in Andheri West.
After obtaining the knowledge, Amboli police rush to the spot and stony-broke open the door that was fast from outside for the last three-four days, a political candidate aforementioned.
After getting into her flat, police found a rotten body of a girl, WHO was later known as Choudhary, he said.
Initially, Amboli police registered associate Accidental Death Report (ADR), the official aforementioned, adding that it came to fore throughout the investigation that Choudhary was dead by unidentified person(s).

Yogi Adityanath’s Slips Are Showing Already

If Gujarat is that the laboratory of RSS’s Hindutva, then Uttar Pradesh has served as its turf for Mandal politics. Deciding to contest from Varanasi within the 2014 elections was his 1st serious step to bring Uttar Pradesh at par with Gujarat once twenty years of leading his home state and repeat an equivalent experiment. Uttar Pradesh didn’t queer the BJP; 1st, it gave seventy one seats to the BJP and so, within the assembly elections earlier this year, it was an enormous ending that brought smiles to the faces of the Hindutva forces and hopes for a extended tenure.

But Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has found the last 3 months to be a roller coaster ride. He come into being within the mould of a future PM and currently he’s troubled to manage the forces that he himself unleashed. Yogi these days appears like a pale image of his own self.

UP has been a riddle for the BJP ever since the 90s, the time of the Ram Mandir agitation. Ayodhya caused a large revival of the BJP to the national level. It created a frontrunner like Kalyan Singh WHO once was thought-about to be equal in stature to Atal Sanskritic language Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. Vajpayee wont to contest the parliamentary election from Uttar Pradesh however once the Babri mosque demolition once Narasimha Rao destroyed the Kalyan Singh government, the BJP couldn’t attain a majority on its own and was competitory with the Congress for the third house in electoral politics as Kanshi Ram and Mulayam Singh Yadav emerged because the primary forces. The assertion of Dalit and backward caste politics stopped the juggernaut of the Ayodhya movement in UP; the BJP fashioned governments in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, however not in Uttar Pradesh. Such was the ability of Mandal politics.

Kanshi Ram along side Mayawati ought to be attributable for the foremost original Dalit political experiment once B R Ambedkar in freelance Bharat. a celebration that originated in geographic region within the late 80s galvanized the Dalits of UP i.e. within the most decadent feudalistic bastion. This meant the higher caste had no possibility however to measure in peace with the Dalits. Similarly, the announcement of the acceptance of the recommendations of the Mandal Commission, giving twenty seventh reservation to alternative backward castes by V.P. Singh, opened new floodgates of diplomatic negotiations. Numerically-strong OBCs selected Mulayam Singh Yadav as their undisputed leader. for pretty much twenty years, Mulayam and Kanshiram exiled Hindutva politics into the geographic area. These forces became thus powerful that in 2007, Mayawati fashioned the govt on her own and in 2012, the Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party gained majority and he became the youngest-ever Chief Minister.

In the absence of those 2 political currents, the BJP would are the apparent gainer which would have given a chance to the RSS to showcase its politics of slender snobbery a lot of before Gujarat. however its game arrange was disappointed by Dalit and OBC politics. In 2014, Modi’s biggest challenge was to interrupt this form of government – that he with success did. After this, the most important question hanging within the air was would the BJP be able to repeat an equivalent magic within the assembly elections? beyond any doubt, by 2017, anti-incumbency was terribly high against Akhilesh Yadav owing to his government’s failure to tackle the law and order issue; Mayawati was robbed of her recent charm due to rampant corruption. The Congress was obscurity within the image. The paradigm of Indian politics was also changing and development was the new buzz word. The BJP led by Modi played its cards well and ensured a massive mandate in Uttar Pradesh. But the appointment of a Hindutva “warrior” as Chief Minister surprised everyone.

Yogi Adityanath is young – 45 – and has been known for all the wrong reasons with criminal cases naming him for spreading venom against a minority community and taking the law into his hands. Very recently, his government refused permission to prosecute him in one of these cases. The “rightist” media lapped him up as an extension of Modi and forecast the young monk as his successor in the long run. He was given unprecedented TV coverage. He acquired mythical status overnight. Taken in by the media adulation, he immediately started implementing the RSS agenda. Slaughter houses were being shut with immediate effect without giving any opportunity to the Muslim community to find an alternate livelihood. Their cries fell on deaf ears. Anti-Romeo squads started beating up young couples indiscriminately so much so that even brothers and sisters and married couples were not spared. Gau rakshaks became the new law enforcers. Yogi’s own Hindutva outfit Hindu Yuva Vahini is the new terror. It openly issues threats. The Bajrang Dal is another law unto itself. The minorities are literally living in fear.


BJP leaders, MLAs and MPs have started roaming the streets as new rowdies. On what often feels like a daily basis, their videos of bravado, of beating up policemen and high officials are featured in the news. Even inconsequential leaders have become so emboldened that they have started attacking police stations and snatching law-breakers from police custody. In Agra, a police sub-inspector was thrashed openly and his bike was torched by a mob which some said was led by a BJP MLA. The SSP of Saharanpur, Love Kumar, saw his residence vandalised. His family was not spared as he cried for help. A young woman IPS officer was seen in tears.

But this is not the end. Caste lines have noninheritable dangerous proportions. The revival of the fight between the Dalits and therefore the higher caste has opened a replacement wound. Today, Saharanpur is boiling however the BJP MP Raghav Lakhanpal and ex-MLA Rajiv Gumber, the lads accountable, stay untouched. Dalits ar up in arms. The Bhim Army has emerged as a replacement political force. 2 deaths have already been reported .

Law and order has invariably been an enormous issue in UP. however I actually have ne’er seen the police thus helpless. If Akhilesh Yadav may be blasted for lawlessness, then the Yogi government is presiding over a jungle dominion. individuals with best-known links to the BJP/RSS or Hindutva outfits ar roaming without concern and terrorising voters unmindful of any consequence.

If the RSS harbours any future ambition of Hindutva consolidation in Uttar Pradesh, it’s up for disappointment terribly presently. UP isn’t Gujarat. it’s way more fragmented on caste and non secular lines. it’s politically way more sensitive and volatile than many countries in Bharat. It doesn’t mind grip new concepts, however it hates to be taken as a right. Yogi is committing an equivalent mistake that Mayawati and Mulayam/Akhilesh did. They took their vote bank as a right and appearance wherever they’re these days. throughout the parliamentary and therefore the assembly election, the RSS managed to induct some Dalit castes and therefore the OBCs, however militant Hindutva will boomerang and lawlessness will cause the center category deserting the BJP. Yogi may undo the gains the BJP has created. I hope it’s not forgotten Kalyan Singh and Uma Bharti, the initial icons of Hindutva.

Porn Video Plays At Border Security Force (BSF) Meet, Inquiry Ordered

The clip was contend out at the BSF’s 77th battalion in Ferozepur in geographical area. The “objectionable clip” contend for 2 to 5 seconds, same officers.


FEROZEPUR, PUNJAB: On weekday, regarding XXIV personnel of the Border private security force (BSF), waiting to observe a psychological feature coaching clip at associate degree annual meeting, were aghast once a sexy video started taking part in on the screen. The border force has ordered associate degree investigation.

Officers attending the Sainik Sammelan, as well as men and girls, were left acutely embarrassed at the headquarters of the BSF’s 77th battalion in Ferozepur in geographical area.

It was associate degree accident, ended associate degree on-the-scene inquiry by senior officers. however the presence of the smut clip on the portable computer of the officer tasked with prepping the presentation has raised queries, say BSF sources.

The “objectionable clip” contend for 2 to 5 seconds, same officers.


In a statement, the BSF same it’s work the incident to seek out out wherever the lapse was and also the officer liable for it.

“It is pertinent to say here that the Border private security force may be a extremely disciplined force and such actions that have an effect on its discipline and potency square measure ne’er tolerated. during this case conjointly, strict action would be taken against the defaulters once completion of the inquiry”, same the statement by RS Kataria, a Deputy officer and advocator of the border force in geographical area.

Officials Release Tense Rescue Video Of Woman Kept Chained For 2 Months

Kala Brown and her young man, United Nations agency was killed, had gone to a true estate agent’s house to clean his property.


  • Kala Brown aforesaid she was bound, barred for 2 months in South Carolina
  • She aforesaid that she was barred within a metal storage instrumentation
  • A real realtor United Nations agency may be a murderer was behind the act
  • For many seconds, the sole sound within the video is of somebody sawing intently at a barred metal storage instrumentation within the middle of a jungle.

Moments later, many men try and pry open the doors with a pry bar. within the background, a dog barks. A police radio crackles.

When the doors finally swing open, the boys march into the dark instrumentation, declaring they are from the sheriff’s workplace. One brandishes a gun.

“Just the lady, simply the girl!” a politician shouts from the rear. “How area unit you, honey?”

Soon, the camera captures a chilling sight: a skinny girl sitting on a pad, nearly still. She’s bound to the wall by her neck.

The footage, free weekday by prosecutors in South Carolina, shows for the primary time the tense rescue last November of Kala Brown, United Nations agency told authorities she had been unbroken bound and barred for 2 months within the metal storage instrumentation in rural Woodruff, South Carolina.

Brown had gone to the property last August together with her young man, Charles “David” Carver, meaning to do improvement work for its owner, property agent Todd Saint Christopher Kohlhepp. What she could not have famous then is that their visit would finish in tragedy and eventually result in Kohlhepp’s arrest – and therefore the unveiling of his dark and violent history as a murderer.

Brown and Carver were reportable missing on Aug. 31, 2016, triggering associate degree painful search by their family and friends. Eventually, cellular telephone and social media records junction rectifier authorities to Kohlhepp’s Woodruff property. once sheriff’s deputies arrived, associate degree “obviously traumatized” Brown screamed for facilitate from within the massive metal instrumentation, Spartanburg County peace officer Chuck Wright aforesaid, in step with WYFF.

That’s after they began their rescue try.

In the recently free video, officers show Brown that paramedics area unit there to rescue her, as she explains in an exceedingly little voice that the chain round her neck is connected to the wall.

“Do you recognize wherever your brother is?” one officer asks, concerning Carver.

“Charlie? He shot him,” Brown says.

“Who did?” the officer asks.

Brown replies with a abrupt torrent of words: “Todd Kohlhepp shot Charlie Carver 3 times within the chest, wrapped him in an exceedingly blue tarpaulin, place him within the bucket of the tractor, barred Maine down here. I’ve ne’er seen him once more,” she says. “He says he is dead and buried. He says there area unit many bodies dead and buried out here, and he says that the dogs are going to be ruined if they are going wanting as a result of there is red pepper.”

In their search of the 95-acre property, investigators discovered a body buried in an exceedingly shallow grave, that was known as Carver’s.

Last week, prosecutors additionally free video of Kohlhepp reprimand investigators when his arrest. In those videos, associate degree cold Kohlhepp confesses – and every now and then even appears to brag – regarding killing seven others in South Carolina, as well as four folks in 2003 at a bike look in Chesnee, South Carolina. The alleged “Superbike murders,” the county’s initial quadruple kill, had remained unsolved for nearly thirteen years.

“You grasp we would like to speak to you regarding Superbikes,” one investigator told him within the video, concerning the murders that had taken place at the little, family-owned Superbike Motorsports in 2003.

Kohlhepp, wearing associate degree orange jail jump suit, responded that he would favor to recount the murders aloud, instead of in writing, in step with the video. Kohlhepp proceeded to recount very well however he had shot to death 30-year-old look owner Scott Ponder; Ponder’s 52-year-old mother, Beverly Guy; look foreman Brian film writer, 29; and mechanic Chris sherbet, 26. All had been killed within the afternoon on what had been a Thursday.

“They had detected the gunshots within the back and were coming back this manner to work out what had happened,” Kohlhepp told investigators. “All of a abrupt, I had 3 folks before of Maine. … mammy was the nighest. … and that i shot her 2, 3 times within the chest. Not my best work. … She fell. The son and therefore the manager . . . ran for the door, took off. … At that vary, they must have ran to Maine, not away.”

Kohlhepp told investigators he “got one within the back and he crumpled to the ground.” when reloading his gun, he aforesaid he killed another person from the shop “before he got out the door.” That person died within the car parking zone, Kohlhepp aforesaid.


“That was one massive building. I cleared that building in beneath thirty seconds,” Kohlhepp told investigators. “I’m sorry, however you guys would are proud.”

Kohlhepp aforesaid he did not keep in mind if any of his victims aforesaid something to him.

“I can tell you that after I engaged, i used to be engaged,” Kohlhepp aforesaid. “It was nearly sort of a game. it is not a game. … you have been there, sir, you recognize what i am talking regarding.”

He additionally delineated dismemberment his gun when the murders and discarding it in items in several trash baggage, as well as selling one half in used cat litter.

According to the Associated Press, Kohlhepp additionally killed Johnny Reb Coxie, 29, and actress McCraw-Coxie, 26, in Gregorian calendar month 2015, when he lured them to his property to try to to work.

In further interrogation footage, Kohlhepp told investigators that he shot Coxie double within the chest and was conflicted regarding “what to do” with McCraw-Coxie. He told her he wasn’t aiming to hurt her, then handcuffed her and barred her within the back of the metal storage instrumentation.

Kohlhepp aforesaid he “fed her for some days” however that McCraw-Coxie unbroken making an attempt to burn things within the instrumentation. He eventually killed her, too, he said.

“Every alternative d- day, she needed very little Caesars pizza pie. I hate that s-. It solely offers Maine symptom,” Kohlhepp aforesaid. “Little Caesars pizza pie . . . Dr. Pepper, cinnamon rolls and freaking Newports. If you go all the way down to that building, you will find associate degree unused package of Newports that I bought for her. and so she went bats-. She tried to light-weight my d- building burning.”

The grotesque confessions were a stark distinction to Kohlhepp’s skilled image. Kohlhepp delineated himself as a fervent and tech-savvy land agent United Nations agency ran his own South Carolina property firm.

“At Todd Kohlhepp & Associates we tend to feel that it is important for our purchasers to understand a trifle a lot of regarding who’s operating for them besides a reputation and range,” scan the primary a part of his bio in an exceedingly company folder. below it absolutely was an image of Kohlhepp wearing a pinstriped suit, smiling loosely, next to an inventory of his business qualifications. He boasted that he was a authorized pilot which his company had “One Focus . . . Results!”

But there was no mention of Kohlhepp’s criminal history and why he was a registered convict.

Kohlhepp, 46, pleaded guilty to fourteen charges last month, a deal created so as to avoid the execution, and received seven consecutive life sentences, in step with the Anderson freelance Mail.

“There are not any alternative victims,” Kohlhepp’s professional person, Shane Gorenson, said, in step with the newspaper. “Mr. Kohlhepp has return clean.”

Police found missing South Carolina girl Kala Brown in bonds “like a dog” with chains round her neck in an exceedingly shipping instrumentation on registered convict Todd Kohlhepp’s property on Gregorian calendar month. 3, 2016. Editor’s note: The content of this video is also troubling to some viewers. (7th Circuit Solicitor’s Office)gent’s house to wash his property.

See The Video

Women Staff Of Gurgaon Pub Beat Molester, Video Goes Viral

The incident occurred on MG Road on Sabbatum night. Eyewitnesses say no cops were around at the time.


  • A drunk man grabbed a girl public house staff member from behind on Sabbatum night
  • Colleagues rush and thrashed him with slippers, video is infective agent
  • Incident happened on MG Road, eyewitnesses say there have been no cops there

GURGAON: ladies workers of a public house in Gurgaon beat up Associate in Nursing alleged wrongdoer with slippers fully public read, a video of that has gone infective agent on social media.

The incident occurred on Gurgaon’s MG Road on Sabbatum night. a person in Associate in Nursing orgiastic condition approached a girl worker of a public house and grabbed her from behind.

Soon after, a number of her colleagues rush to her rescue and commenced thrashing him with slippers.


The video of the incident is being wide shared on social media.

Eyewitnesses alleged there was no officer around once the incident happened.

“We have deployed male and feminine constables in civil dress to require action against miscreants. we’ve issued strict directions to police personnel to file Associate in Nursing FIR at once if the victim approaches police,” Manish Sehgal, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) told PTI.

Champions Trophy 2017: After Sri Lanka Loss, Virat Kohli Did Some Tough Talking In The Dressing Room

Kohli’s facet crushed African nation by eight wickets at The Oval in their final group B fixture to line up a possible semi-final disagreement with People’s Republic of Bangladesh on Thursday.


  • India were surprised by land in their 2d match
  • Kohli was viciously honest to his players within the room
  • India crushed African nation by eight wickets on Sunday

Indian captain Virat Kohli aforesaid his team’s Champions Trophy demolition of African nation on Th was fuelled by his refusal to spare his players from criticism within the room. the boys in Blue crushed the Proteas by eight wickets at The Oval in their final group B fixture to line up a possible semi-final disagreement with People’s Republic of Bangladesh on Th.
India had to win to avoid elimination when slumping to a shock loss against land, a sputtering performance that prompted Kohli to let his team apprehend wherever they were going wrong.
Rather than sugar-coat his comments to avoid wasting his players’ pride, the Asian nation captain created it clear that they had to boost and he was delighted with however they responded within the build or break clash on Sunday.
“You ought to be honest. you have got to typically say things that hurt. that is what i feel in,” he said.
“You ought to lay it enter front of them that this is often what we have a tendency to did wrong, together with Pine Tree State, and that we got to take it on the chin and settle for it and prove it.
“That’s why we have a tendency to area unit chosen among several individuals to play at this level. you have got to be adequate to try to to that for the country and you have got to be adequate to recover, as well.
“You cannot do an equivalent mistakes over and all over again. that kind of attitude is de facto serving to all people to come back along as a unit and build things happen.
“It’s not regarding asking 2, 3 players to try to to it. we have a tendency to area unit asking everybody to try to to it and everybody is responding rather well.
With Asian nation and Islamic Republic of Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} change of integrity hosts European nation within the last four and also the winner of Monday’s land against Pakistan match taking the last semi-final berth, it has been a robust tournament for the groups from the sub-continent.
Kohli acknowledged the quantity of one-day cricket compete within the region was an element, however he has conjointly been affected with the method Asian nation have tailored to country conditions.
“Maybe as a result of what quantity limited-overs cricket we have a tendency to play, i believe the players are becoming saw in troublesome things,” he said.
“Maybe a number of the groups have very shocked the opposition with the method they need batted and bowled in sure things.”

Hyderabad: Couple wanted luxurious life, goes on robbing spree, busted

The couple, that robbed 3 homes within the last one month, targeted empty homes with to let boards outside them and fled with valuables.


  • The couple was inactive by Commissioner’s Task force on Sunday.
  • Srinivas hatched the theft set up and teamed up along with his second adult female.
  • They wont to reconnaissance in stylish localities and nil in on homes with to let boards.

Hyderabad police has inactive one or two WHO was on a theft spree for an improved living. The husband-wife couple was inactive by the Commissioner’s Task force on Sunday.
According to the police, suspect O Srinivas married double and has 2 families to appear when. He was facing a troublesome time taking care of his families along with his meager financial gain. He worked as a watchman however he lost his job when his second wedding as he wasn’t giving his best at work.
After being destroyed, Srinivas took up the duty of a daily working man. However, his financial gain was still not ample to manage each his families. Upset along with his life style, Srinivas hatched an inspiration and created his second adult female a partner in crime. He together with his adult female V Renuka went on a theft spree whereby they might target homes with to let accumulation outside them.
In the last one month, they robbed 3 homes and attained straightforward cash. They dreamt of leading an opulent life with the money but, were inactive by the Hyderabad police WHO were work a case of theft.
According to Limba Reddy, DCP, Task Force, “The couple wont to reconnaissance within the stylish localities throughout the day and nil in on the homes with to let boards, that weren’t guarded or empty. when breaking open the house, they might scarper with valuables together with gold and silver jewelry and cash”.
“While Renuka wont to break open the house and commit the theft, her husband waited outside and unbroken a watch within the surroundings to avoid any untoward state of affairs,” the DCP same.
The team of officers, work a recent theft in Lallagua space, found a CCTV footage that raised suspicion on the couple. They checked one hundred different CCTV footages of various localities and located identical couple. when more investigation, the police officers inactive the couple and recovered one hundred gram gold, 205 gram silver, mobile phones and a scooter from their possession.

Hizbul Mujahideen module busted in Kashmir’s Handwara, 2 terrorists arrested

The security forces used social media accounts of the phobia operatives to trace them down in Handwara.

In a major success to the protection forces, a Hizbul mujahadin module was busted once 2 of its militants were inactive in Handwara nowadays. Security forces have conjointly command 2 terror over ground staff (OGWs) in Awantipora.
The arrests were created potential by constant following of the terrorists by the cyber police investigation unit of Jammu and geographical area police. Sources aforesaid that social media accounts of those militants were closely monitored and a few inculpatory material was found. They were misusing web-chats to hatch and execute their villainous plans.
Acting on a selected info concerning presence of militants within the region, a joint team of Handwara police and 21-Rashtriya Rifles place up a check purpose at Chogal. 2 persons known as Mehrajudin son of Gulzar Ahmad Bhat and Obaid Shafi Malla son Mahomet Shafi each residents of Awantipora were nabbed by security forces as they tried to avoid the check purpose.
A huge cache of arms and ammunition was conjointly recovered from the inactive terrorists.
During interrogation, the phobia operatives discovered that that they had return to Handwara to receive ammunition and alternative inventories required for his or her militant outfit in South geographical area.
Preliminary work discovered that these militants were members of Hizbul mujahadin module UN agency wouldn’tsolely recruit young men by radicalizing them over social media however conjointly coordinated their coaching and organized arms/ammunition.
Working on info received from the inactive terrorists, 2 additional members of the module operating as on ground workiers (OGWs) were inactive from Awantipora. They were known as Awantipora residents Shahid Ahmad Thoker and Irfan Ahmad.

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