Unease Among Indian Muslims, Says Outgoing Vice President Hamid Ansari

Stating that he had flagged the problem of “intolerance” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cupboard colleagues, Mr Ansari, 80, conjointly delineate the questioning of voters over their love for Republic of India as a “disturbing thought”.


  • Ambience of acceptance in Republic of India underneath threat, warns Hamid Ansari
  • Constant questioning over proving ones Indianness distressful, he says
  • Have shared my issues with Prime Minister Modi, the vp same

NEW DELHI:Outgoing vp Hamid Ansari same on Wed that there’s a sense of unease and a way of insecurity among the Muslims within the country, declarative the “ambience of acceptance” is currently underneath threat.

Mr Ansari, whose second five-year term because the Vice-President ends these days, created these remarks within the scenery of incidents of “intolerance” and cow law enforcement.

Stating that he had flagged the problem of “intolerance” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cupboard colleagues, Mr Ansari, 80, conjointly delineate the questioning of voters over their love for Republic of India as a “disturbing thought”.

Asked in Associate in Nursing interview on Rajya Sabha TV whether or not he shared his issues with the prime minister, mister Ansari same that he had. “Yes…yes. however what passes between the vp and therefore the Prime Minister within the nature of things should stay within the domain of privileged speech,” mister Ansari, United Nations agency is additionally the Rajya Sabha Chairman, said.

He same that he has conjointly flagged the problem with different union ministers. “Well, there’s continually a proof and there’s continually a reason. currently it’s a matter of judgement, whether or not you settle for the reason, you settle for the reasoning and its explanation,” he same once asked regarding the response of the govt..

In the interview, vp Ansari noted incidents of murder and ‘ghar wapsi’ and alleged killings of rationalists as a “breakdown of Indian values, breakdown of the flexibility of the authorities at totally different levels in several places to be ready to enforce what ought to be traditional law imposing work and over all the actual fact that Indianness of any subject being questioned may be a distressful thought.”

“Yes it’s an accurate assessment,” mister Ansari same once asked whether or not he in agreement with the assessment that the Muslim community is apprehensive which it had been feeling insecure as a results of the sort of comments created against them.

“Yes it’s an accurate assessment, from all I hear from totally different quarters, the country; I detected an equivalent factor in city, I actually have detected from different elements of the country, I hear a lot of regarding it in north Republic of India, there’s a sense of unease, a way of insecurity is creep in,” he said.

Asked whether or not he felt that the Muslims square measure “beginning to feel that they’re not wanted”, mister Ansari same, “I wouldn’t go that way, there’s a way of insecurity.”

He same Republic of India may be a plural society that has for hundreds of years, not simply seventy years, has lived in an exceedingly bound “ambience of acceptance” that is currently “under threat”. He was of the read that the propensity to be ready to assert your nationalism day-in and day-out is “unnecessary”.


“I am Associate in Nursing Indian which is it,” he said.

Mr Ansari was of the read that whereas tolerance may be a smart virtue, it’s not a spare virtue. “…therefore you have got to require succeeding step and go from tolerance to acceptance,” he said.

At an occasion in Bengaluru on Sunday, vp Ansari same that the “version of nationalism” that places cultural commitments at its core “promotes intolerance” and self-important loyalty.

Responding to an issue on comments created by some BJP leaders associated with minorities, he same he wouldn’t  individuals in politics or about political parties. “But to me, anytime such a comment appeared or came to my knowledge; I mean my 1st reaction was that, A: the person is ignorant, B: that he’s prejudiced and C: he doesn’t match into the framework that Republic of India has continually prided to itself on, that is to be Associate in Nursing accommodative society,” he said.

Responding to queries on triple talaq, mister Ansari same it’s a social aberration, not a spiritual demand. “Firstly, it’s a social aberration, it’s not a spiritual demand. The spiritual demand is crystal clear, emphatic, there are not any 2 views regarding it, however social system, social customs have all crept into it to make a state of affairs that is very undesirable,” he said.

He same the courts don’t ought to step in because the reform has got to come back from at intervals the community. “The courts will say that we do not recognise it. That’s all. I mean a wedding has got to be recognised on bound occasions by the system of the state. And if a state trained worker at a specific purpose of your time refuses to recognise an incident which can be the merchandise of a triple talaq, that s it,” he explained.

To a poser on true in Jammu and Kashmir, mister Ansari same, “the downside has continually primarily been a political downside. And it’s to be addressed politically.”

He in agreement to a suggestion that politicians square measure ducking the matter. “That’s my impression. and that i m not the sole one within the country…when young boys and women kick off on to the streets and throw stones day when day, week when week, month when month, it’s one thing to fret regarding as a result of they’re our kids, they’re our voters.”

“Something is clearly going wrong. What specifically, i’m not the ultimate word thereon, however i feel there square measure enough individuals within the country United Nations agency square measure upset regarding it. Eminent individuals happiness to totally different political persuasions and their worry should be taken on board,” the vp same.

10-Point Guide To Ahmed Patel’s Close Shave In Gujarat

GANDHINAGAR: Congress leader Ahmed Patel snatched a late night success within the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections once the committee rejected the votes of 2 Congress rebel legislators. Mr Patel won by the skin of his teeth. He required forty four votes to win and he got forty four, returning to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat for a fifth term during a bitterly fought election that became a colossal status battle between the Congress and therefore the BJP. the opposite 2 seats are won simply by BJP chief Amit monarch, United Nations agency makes his debut in Parliament, and union Minister Smriti Asian.

Here is your 10-point cheatsheet to the present massive story:

  • Amit monarch and Smriti Asian got forty six votes every. “Satyamev Jayate (the truth shall prevail),” Ahmed monarch tweeted alittle before two am, asserting his win.
  • Hours before, the Congress had taken the Gujarat battle to metropolis, petitioning the committee to disqualify the votes of 2 party MLAs United Nations agency showed their ballot papers to the BJP’s representatives. once observance a video of the vote and a number of other hours of deliberation, the poll panel aforementioned they’d profaned secrecy.
  • The committee order, delivered near hour, reduced the strength of the house to 174, that meant that every candidate required forty four votes to win a Rajya Sabha seat, rather than forty five, a target that was ostensible more and more not possible for Ahmed Patel to urge amid cross choice and defections in his party.
  • Ahmed Patel’s win was the simplest news the Congress has had during a long whereas and party staff engaged in frenzied celebration in Gandhinagar. Mr Patel is political secretary to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and his win on Tues during a face-off with the BJP’s master deviser Amit monarch may be a big enchilada within the arm of the opposition party previous assembly elections later this year in Gujarat, wherever it’s steady lost ground to the BJP.
  • Amit monarch and Smriti Asian were bound to win given the BJP’s massive numbers within the Gujarat assembly, whose members vote for the Rajya Sabha election. The party conjointly fielded a 3rd candidate to challenge Ahmed Patel for the third seat.
  • Ahead of the election, the Congress saw six legislators resign during a rebellion allegedly designed by veteran politician Shankarsinh Vaghela, United Nations agency too exited the party period agone once he was sidelined. 3 joined the BJP, one in every of them Balwantsinh Hindoo, the candidate United Nations agency lost to Ahmed Patel these days.
  • Mr Patel was wishing on forty four of the Congress’ fifty one MLAs to support him. one in every of the forty four voted against him, therefore he had forty three votes from his party. it’s not famed however United Nations agency else voted for the Congress leader – he had expected Chhotubhai Vasava, the lone Janata decaliter (United) lawmaker, and one in every of 2 MLAs from Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) to vote for him.
  • Clearly only 1 of them did. A BJP rebel Nalin Kotadiya declared late within the night that he had voted against the party.
  • Less than associate degree hour into choice on Tues morning, Shankersinh Vagehla had known as the election, declaring Ahmed Patel defeated. Mr Vaghela aforementioned Mr Patel would “not even win forty votes” and confirmed he had voted against the legislator.
  • At least six additional Vaghela loyalists still with the Congress – as well as the 2 that the committee disqualified – area unit believed to possess voted for the BJP.

North Korea Planning To Strike Guam After Trump’s ‘Fire And Fury’ Warning

Pyongyang same it had been “carefully examining” an idea to strike Guam, associate island of around 162,000 within the western Pacific.


  • Guam could be a western Pacific island of strategic importance to the USA
  • It has a USA military base and a population of around 162,000
  • North Korea has warned the USA to not provoke it to begin associate “all-out war”

Asian nation same on Wed it’s considering plans for a missile strike on the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, simply hours when President Donald Trump told the North that any threat to the u. s. would be met with “fire and fury”.

The ratcheting up in tensions perturbed world monetary markets and prompted warnings from U.S. officers and analysts to not have interaction in rhetorical slanging matches with Asian nation.

Pyongyang same it had been “carefully examining” an idea to strike Guam, associate island of around 162,000 within the western Pacific and therefore the website of a U.S. military base that hosts a submarine squadron, associate airbase and a Coast Guard cluster.

A Korean People’s Army (KPA) spokesperson, during a statement carried by state-run KCNA news organization, same the arrange would be place into apply at any moment once leader Kim Erica Jong global organization makes a choice.

In another statement citing a special military spokesperson, Asian nation additionally defendant the u. s. of fashioning a “preventive war” associated same any plans to execute this is able to be met with an “all-out war wiping out all the strongholds of enemies, as well as the U.S. mainland”.

Washington has warned it’s able to use force if want be to prevent North Korea’s missile and nuclear programmes however that it prefers world diplomatic action, as well as sanctions.

Speaking to reporters in New Jersey on weekday, Trump issued his strongest warning however for Asian nation.

“North peninsula best not build any longer threats to the u. s.. they’ll be met with hearth and fury just like the world has ne’er seen,” Trump same.

The U.N. council nem con obligatory new sanctions on Asian nation on Sat over its continuing missile tests, that might slash the reclusive country’s $3 billion annual export revenue by a 3rd.

North Korea has created no secret of plans to develop a nuclear-tipped missile ready to strike the u. s. and has unheeded international calls to halt its nuclear and missile programmes.

It says its intercontinental trajectory missiles (ICBMs) square measure a legitimate suggests that of defence against perceived U.S. hostility. it’s long defendant the u. s. and South Korea of escalating tensions by conducting military drills.

U.S. stocks closed slightly lower when Trump’s comment and S&P stock futures (ESc1) slipped any in Asian trade, whereas a wide followed live of exchange anxiety over at its highest in nearly a month.

The U.S. greenback index edged down and therefore the safe-haven yen reinforced against the U.S. currency when North Korea’s response. Asia stocks swaybacked, with South Korea’s benchmark index and Japan’s Nikkei each falling zero.5 per cent.

Tensions Rise

The u. s. has remained technically at war with Asian nation since the 1950-53 Korean conflict resulted in associate cease-fire instead of a pact.


Tensions have up since Asian nation applied 2 nuclear bomb tests last year and 2 ICBM tests last month.

On Monday, two U.S. B-1 bombers flew from Guam over the peninsula as a locality of its “continuous bomber presence,” a U.S. official same, during a sign of the strategic importance Guam holds.

The alert standing at Andersen military service Base on Guam had not been modified as of Wed morning, per the duty workplacer at the base’s public affairs office.

Republican U.S. legislator John McCain same Trump ought to tread cautiously once provision threats to Asian nation unless he’s ready to act.

“I challenge to the president’s comments as a result of you bought to make sure you’ll be able to do what you say you are going to try to to,” he same during a radio interview.

The Washington Post reportable on weekday that Asian nation has with success made a miniaturised warhead which will match within its missiles, per a confidential U.S. intelligence assessment.

But U.S. intelligence officers told Reuters that whereas Asian nation has accelerated its efforts to style associate ICBM, a miniaturised warhead, and a nosecone sturdy enough to survive return through the Earth’s atmosphere, there’s no reliable proof it’s down all 3, a lot of less tested and combined them into a weapon capable of striking targets within the u. s..

North Korea’s ICBM tests last month advised it had been creating technical progress, Japan’s annual Defence study warned.

War Of Words

Former U.S. diplomat pol Paal, currently with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think factory in Washington, same Trump mustn’t get into a war of words with Pyongyang.

“It strikes Maine as associate inexpert reflection of a belief that we must always offer as we have a tendency to get rhetorically. which may be satisfying at one level, however it takes USA down into the mud that we must always let Pyongyang fancy alone,” same Paal, World Health Organization served as a White House official beneath previous Republican administrations.

Lockheed Martin corporation, the Pentagon’s No. one weapons provider, same on weekday its customers square measure more and more asking concerning missile defence systems.

(Additional news by Soyoung Kim in national capital, Kiyoshi Takenaka in Tokyo, Doina Chiacu, Susan Heavey, John Walcott, Idrees Ali and David Brunnstrom in Washington, Rodrigo Campos in New York; Writing by Lincoln Feast)

Established They Were Chasing Car, Says Chandigarh Top Cop On BJP Leader’s Son

CHANDIGARH: Vikas Barala, the son of Haryana BJP Chief Subhash Barala, has been summoned by the police over charges that he pedunculate a lady and hunted person her on the streets of Chandigarh last week. Sources say he faces arrest if he does not seem by eleven am. “We currently have each comfortable proof within the case,” same Chandigarh police captain Tejinder Luthra, promising that “everything below the sun” would be done to confirm justice.

23-year-old Barala junior has not surfaced since he and his friend Ashish were in remission by a police patrol team and absolve on bail on Sat, hours once a chilling high-speed chase that the police say has been recorded on six CCTV cameras.

A police notice was glued outside the Barala home once nobody within accepted it this morning. Ashish, Vikas’ friend and co-accused, has united to look for questioning.

Varnika Kundu, a 29-year-old DJ, has alleged that once hour on Fri, Vikas Barala and Ashish tailgated her, blocked her manner, banged on her window and tried to force her door open. in an exceedingly Facebook post that went infectious agent, she shared that she felt “lucky, as a result of i am not lying raped and dead in an exceedingly ditch somewhere.”


The Facebook post brought police investigations into the media glare; the police have denied any pressure from the BJP, that rules the state, to guard the highest leader’s son.

Vikas Barala and his friend were absolve inside hours of their arrest as a result of the costs against them – stalking and drink driving – ar bailable. The police set against a harder snatch charge claiming Varnika Kundu didn’t visit it in her statement before the official.

Subhash Barala, speech Varnika Kundu was “like my daughter”, denied that he was influencing investigations. “There is not any pressure from American state or the BJP during this case until currently and it’ll not happen within the future,” he same yesterday.

Mr Barala’s resignation has been dominated out by the BJP, that asserts that the case had “nothing to try to to with him” however concerned his son.

Nitish Kumar’s Move ‘Unfortunate’: Sharad Yadav Confirms He Is Not Happy

Nitish Kumar last week terminated his biennial grand alliance with Lalu Yadav and also the Congress and revived a partnership with the BJP. Sharad Yadav is reportedly upset with this.

NEW DELHI: Sharad Yadav these days stone-broke his silence on party colleague Nitish Kumar’s beautiful political off-speed pitch and created it clear that he disapproves. “Whatever happened is incredibly unfortunate, the mandate by the folks wasn’t for this,” the veteran Janata decaliter (United) leader told reporters outside parliament.

Nitish Kumar last week terminated his biennial mahagatbandhan or grand alliance with Lalu Yadav and also the Congress associated revived his partnership with the BJP once an bitter parting four years agone.

The Chief Minister, once resigning on Wednesday, aforesaid he felt “suffocated” and cited Lalu Yadav’s son Tejashwi’s refusal to resign as his deputy despite corruption charges.

Some Janata decaliter (United) leaders went public with their criticism of the swap however Sharad Yadav had until currently communicated solely through his silence and occasional tweets essential of the BJP-led central government.

The 70-year-old was replaced as party president by Nitish Kumar a year agone, a move designed to present the Chief Minister a freedom in selections before the 2019 national election. As Nitish Kumar’s substitute in metropolis, Sharad Yadav recently attended opposition conferences to make a decision on candidates for president and vice chairman.


After Nitish Kumar stone-broke with the opposition and backed government candidate Ram Nath Kovind for president, there have been queries at intervals the ranks of the opposition on whether or not Sharad Yadav very portrayed his party.

Reports prompt Sharad Yadav unbroken involved with opposition leaders and shared his disapproval of Nitish Kumar reuniting with the BJP/

Lalu Yadav claimed Sharad Yadav had known as him and sided with him. “He has been involved and he told North American country he’s with North American country,” Lalu Yadav

Critics have prompt that Sharad Yadav, a former union minister, could be angling for a cupboard berth within the Modi government and his silence on Nitish Kumar is a dialogue maneuver.

On Sabbatum, Lalu Yadav asked Sharad Yadav to steer associate anti-BJP front so perennial the provide for the cameras. “I attractiveness to Sharad Yadav-ji United Nations agency has been our leader… whom we tend to think about our leader, to return forward and fight the BJP. Take the lead role during this,” he said.

Nitish Kumar Swaps Allies, Takes Charge After Dramatic Break-Up: 10 Facts

Nitish Kumar’s Janata decaliter United or JDU has seventy one lawmakers within the 243-member state assembly whereas the BJP has fifty three – creating a complete of 124, simply over the halfway mark.

PATNA: Nitish Kumar took oath as state Chief Minister for the sixth time on Thursday morning, fourteen hours when he resigned from that position, ending his two-year-old alliance with Lalu Yadav and also the Congress. he’s back with the BJP, whose Sushil Modi was additionally sworn in; he gets his previous post of Deputy Chief Minister back. alternative new ministers can take oath when Nitish Kumar has won a trust vote on Sat.

Here square measure the highest ten developments within the story:

  • Late last night, Nitish Kumar met state Governor Keshri Nath Tripathi a second time – he had met him to resign earlier within the evening – and staked claim to create government with the support of BJP and smaller parties. “We have submitted a letter with support of 132 legislators,” Sushil Modi told reporters when they met the Governor.
  • Lalu Yadav’s son Tejashwi Yadav, WHO was Nitish Kumar’s deputy until Thursday, additionally met the Governor to undertake and stop this morning’s oath ceremony. adult male Yadav contended that as Bihar’s largest party, his RJD ought to be 1st probability at government formation. He role player a blank at the rule Bhawan and Sabbatum on protest outside the Governor’s residence late last night, threatening to travel to court.
  • Nitish Kumar’s shock move to quit as Chief Minister of state on Wednesday came hours when Lalu Yadav aforesaid Tejashwi wouldn’t resign because the No two within the state government despite being caught in a very corruption scandal.
  • “There was no scandal before this, i attempted to form it work for as long as I might,” Nitish Kumar aforesaid when handing his resignation to the Governor. “My conscience wouldn’t permit American state to continue,” he said.
  • After praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and conferences in Old Delhi and Patna, the BJP fleetly offered support. “Nityanand Rai Malaysian Mujahidin Group and that i referred to as Nitish Malaysian Mujahidin Group. BJP has set to support him and also the government shaped underneath him,” aforesaid Sushil Modi, driving up to Nitish Kumar’s home, wherever legislators of each parties gathered in a very show of amiableness and strength before meeting the Governor.
  • “Nitishji’s step against corruption could be a adventurous one. BJP desires development and needs to assist bring stability in state,” aforesaid union minister JP Nadda of the BJP, in Patna to administer the new political developments.
  • Lalu Yadav has suspect Nitish Kumar of designing the break-up in “cahoots with the BJP” and has suspect him of cheating voters. Their Grand Alliance, he said, got a huge mandate on associate degree associate degreeti-BJP plank and has challenged Nitish Kumar to face voters once more in an election. He has additionally aforesaid the RJD can protest in Parliament.
  • Earlier this month, the Yadavs were suspect of corruption stemming from Lalu Yadav’s term as Railways Minister and their home was raided. Nitish Kumar born broad hints that Lalu’s son Tejashwi Yadav, 28, should as Deputy Chief Minister. however Lalu Yadav was adamant that Tejashwi wouldn’t quit.
  • Last month, Nitish Kumar abandoned his allies and alternative parties to aspect with the BJP within the election for President of Republic of India. He aforesaid the opposition that has shaped associate degree 18-party league was “in a mess” thanks for the most part to the Congress. He additionally skint ranks with the opposition to 1st support PM Modi’s sudden ban of high-value notes and so the launch of the products and Services Tax or GST.
  • In 2013, Nitish Kumar had over a 17-year alliance with the BJP over its call to push adult male Modi as its presumptive prime minister. In 2015, he pledged with the Congress and former rival Lalu Yadav to dam PM Modi from winning state for the BJP.

‘Your Job, Not Opposition’s’: PM Narendra Modi Ticks Off BJP MPs On Conduct

PM Modi – World Health Organization has underlined the importance for party legislators to confirm their presence in parliament through the day on many occasions – told lawmakers that he wouldn’t tolerate their absence once more.


  • PM Modi expresses dissatisfaction at lack of attending by MPs in Rajya Sabha
  • Work in the higher house, wherever government does not have majority, stalled
  • PM warns ruling party MPs that he would not tolerate their absence once more

NEW DELHI:Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his dissatisfaction at the shortage of minimum attending within the Rajya Sabha stall work and told BJP lawmakers on weekday that it had been their responsibility and not that of the opposition to induce government business passed.

PM Modi – World Health Organization has underlined the importance of party MPs being gift in parliament through the day on many occasions – told lawmakers that he wouldn’t tolerate their absence once more.

The immediate provocation for PM Modi ticking off the BJP lawmakers was the Rajya Sabha’s inability to require up a discussion on a bill on law on Fri evening. And this, when the govt. had persuaded the opposition earlier within the day to debate legislations for Associate in Nursing hour when five pm.

But once the bill was preoccupied, the Congress pointed to the shortage of assemblage – or minimum attending for the House to require any up business. once there are not enough members within the house – ten per cent of the strength of the home is the minimum – a assemblage bell sounds Associate in Nursing alert for three-and-a-half minutes and proceedings square measure halted till additional lawmakers arrive. If they do not, the proceedings ought to be adjourned.


When the govt. questioned wherever the opposition members had suddenly disappeared, the Congress’ Jairam Ramesh shot back: “It isn’t our responsibility to take care of assemblage, but yours”.

A point that was echoed at the BJP’s weekly meeting of lawmakers from the 2 homes of parliament once PM Modi spoke yesterday.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar and his junior Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi had remarked recent instances within the Rajya Sabha wherever the govt. had to face embarrassment because of a scarcity of assemblage. PM Modi is learnt to own aforementioned that he was “worried and not satisfied” with the members’ proportion of presence in houses”.

Since he took charge in 2014, PM Modi has typically asked members to be regular in parliament, however this is often the primary time that the recommendation came within the variety of a reprimand, say party leaders. throughout parliament’s Budget session too, PM Modi warned BJP lawmakers that he had asked partymen to not miss one day in parliament and warned that he might check on them. “I will decision any of you anytime,” he had aforementioned.

Ram Nath Kovind Set To Win As President Votes Are Counted: 10 Points

The presidential election results, during which NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind contains a clear edge, are out by five pm. Meira Kumar had represented her candidture because the “battle of ideology.”

NEW DELHI: Ram Nath Kovind, former state Governor, is ready to be India’s next President as votes square measure being counted these days within the election persevered weekday. Singing and drumbeats marked celebrations at Mr Kovind’s direct Paraunkh close to Kanpur and sweets were passed around long before any formal announcement. Mr Kovind, nominative by the ruling BJP-led National Democratic Alliance is predicted to induce virtually seventy per cent of the votes for a simple convert the opposition’s candidate Meira Kumar, a former Lok Sabha Speaker.
        Here is your 10-point cheat-sheet to the present story:

  • Some 4,800 members of parliament and state assemblies forged votes on weekday to decide on between Mr Kovind and Meira Kumar, a former speaker backed by a 17-member alinement of opposition parties. “We have fought a principled fight… we have a tendency to square measure fighting for values that the majority folks of the country believe,” Ms Kumar aforesaid this morning.
  • Counting of votes began at eleven am at the Parliament House. Ballot boxes, collected from all the states across Asian nation, were bolted within the House. the ultimate result’s expected by five pm that will decide the successor of President
  • Pranab Mukherjee, World Health Organization demits workplace on Gregorian calendar month twenty five.
  • The votes are counted on four separate tables and there would be eight rounds of reckoning, Associate in Nursing commission official aforesaid. reckoning are command underneath the superintendence of the Lok Sabha Secretary General

Anoop Mishra, World Health Organization is additionally the functionary.

  • The presidential poll on weekday saw nearly ninety nine per cent vote, the best ever, per functionary aforesaid. Polling was command at the same time at thirty polling stations — one in Parliament House and one every in twenty nine state assemblies and two union territories with assemblies.
  • A total of four,895 voters — four,120 MLAs and 776 elective MPs — were eligible to vote. Madhya Pradesh Minister Narottam Mishra didn’t forged his vote as he was disqualified by the poll body over the allegations of “paid news”.
    While the worth of a legislator’s vote depends on the population of the state he or she belongs to, the worth of a Member of Parliament’s vote remains an equivalent at 708.
  • Ram Nath Kovind, 71, may be a farmer’s son and his humble origins and straightforward life style were stressed by BJP leaders. the previous state Governor has served 2 terms as a member of the Rajya Sabha. he’s a trained professional person World Health Organization has appeared at the supreme court and Supreme Court.
  • PM Modi’s alternative of Mr Kovind, a Dalit candidate, was seen as a achievement to divide the opposition and keep allies along similarly as a move to consolidate its growing support among politically very important backward castes. If elected, Ram Nath Kovind are the second Dalit President of Asian nation when KR Narayanan.
  • Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s Janata decaliter (United) skint ranks with the opposition to support for Ram Nath Kovind and also the BJP’s partner knife Sena, that has within the last 2 Presidential elections voted against its own alliance, too has supported Mr Kovind.
  • Mr Kumar’s support to Mr Kovind came as a giant blow to the opposition, that had picked the Presidential elections as a happening to forge Associate in Nursing anti-BJP alinement prior to the 2019 general elections.

Venkaiah Naidu Front-Runner As BJP Looks South For Veep: Sources

But sources were non-committal on the chance of the party selecting union minister Venkaiah Naidu or C Vidyasagar Rao, 2 names that are in circulation.

NEW DELHI: The ruling BJP is predicted to satisfy tonight and name its candidate for vice chairman. prime sources within the party have indicated that it’s possible to be an individual from South Asian nation.

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu is claimed to be a favorite, although sources square measure non-committal as a result of it’s for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to determine whether or not he can spare a cupboard minister. This was seen to be why a senior minister was dominated go in the presidential polls.

PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah met last week for discussions and square measure possible to share their views at the meeting of the party’s prime body, the parliamentary board later these days.

Voting is happening these days for the presidential poll, that the BJP’s candidate Ram Nath Kovind is about to win simply. The ruling party’s vice presidential alternative is additionally expected to urge the support of 557 of total 787 MPs.

Sources say the BJP and its advisers have a three-factor demand of their candidate: a background as a rigorous subscriber to the core values of the BJP and its philosophic mentor the RSS; the power to run swimmingly the Rajya Sabha, of that the vice chairman is the Chairman and wherever the govt. is presently in a very minority; and to represent a key support base of the BJP, rather like Ram Nath Kovind, a Dalit leader.


In May, mister Naidu had used his trademark word-play to rule himself out from the presidential and vice presidential race.

“I neither wish to become Rashtrapati (president), nor do i need to become uprashtrapati (vice-president). i’m happy being Usha’s pati (wife Usha’s husband),” mister Naidu quipped once questioned by reporters.

Party insiders say mister Naidu’s nomination can boost the party’s attractiveness in states like Telangana and state.

Opposition parties last week named as their vice presidential candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi, a former governor World Health Organization was additionally in short thought of by them for the post of president.

India-China face-off: After all-party meet, Congress calls for lowering tension through diplomacy, to raise issue in Parliament

After the all-party meet on the India-China border standoff, Congress has aforesaid that there’s an excessive amount of tension that ought to be lowered through diplomacy which it’ll raise the difficulty in Parliament.


  • CPM, NCP and Congress needed to grasp what started the stand-off.
  • Mulayam Singh, Sharad Pawar doubtless to fulfill Jaitley to share their expertise of addressing China.
  • TMC leader Derek O’Brien aforesaid government’s rationalization on Amarnath attack was unconvincing.

After the govt reached bent on Opposition parties within the all-party meet on Fri to apprise them of what was happening at the India-China-Bhutan tri-junction and also the steps that the govt had been taking in this regard, Associate in Nursing dubious Congress has aforesaid that it’ll raise the difficulty in Parliament and mixed up lowering tension through diplomacy.
As several as nineteen MPs from totally different political parties attended the meeting chaired by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and residential Minister Rajnath Singh. whereas the house Secretary gave a presentation on the Amarnath Yatra attack, the Foreign Secretary gave the complete background on ‘Doklam’ crisis and also the border ‘face-off’ between Asian nation and China.
It is aforesaid that the aim of this exercise was to interact the Opposition on 2 sensitive matters earlier than the Monsoon session however several leaders Asian nation these days spoke to remained dubious. The Congress has created it terribly clear that whereas ‘nation is first’, it continues to possess doubts and can raise the difficulty in Parliament. talking to the media once the meeting, Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Anand Sharma aforesaid, “There is simply too abundant tension which ought to be lowered through diplomacy. we are going to additionally raise the difficulty in Parliament.”

While Foreign Secretary Jaishankar was quoted by some opposition members as explaining the very fact that China was in violation and was ever-changing the establishment, several like Sitaram Yechury of the CPI(M), Sharad Pawar of the NCP and Anand Sharma of the Congress needed to grasp what started the stand-off.
Sources tell Asian nation these days that the strategic importance and also the got to have interaction with diplomacy was explained to the members. The word ‘Siliguri’ came up 5 times throughout the government presentation and also the term ‘chicken’s neck’ was mentioned fourfold. the 2 terms that signify the very fact that any movement from the Chinese to seize management of the Doklam highland might end in endangering the northeast of Asian nation being cut-off from the earth.
Gopal Baglay, official voice of the Ministry of External Affairs, said, “All participants expressed sturdy support for India’s approach and additionally for the requirement for national unity. Importance of Asian nation and China to stay engaged through diplomacy was underlined”.
Speaking to Asian nation these days, Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’Brien aforesaid that he remained ‘unconvinced’ on the govt’s rationalization to the Amarnath Yatra attack which his party stood by the government on matters of ‘national security’ on the India-China border military stand-off. “We aforesaid that on problems with national security and integrity of the country, we have a tendency to ar with the government”, he said.
Some leaders aforesaid the general mood was to interact with diplomacy. Sources additionally aforesaid that whereas specifics failed to come back up, it absolutely was set that former Defence Ministers of Asian nation Mulayam Singh and Sharad Pawar would be meeting Defence Minister Arun Jaitley singly within the returning days to debate and share their expertise in addressing China.
Amid accord on the prevailing border state of affairs, there ar thusme parties that may still be raising the matter in Parliament however insist that they’d keep the sensitivity of the difficulty in mind whereas doing so.

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