In UP, 14 Men Molest 2 Women. They Make A Video And Post It Online

In UP, 14 Men Molest 2 Women. They Make A Video And Post It Online

In the video, these men ar seen uncertain , pushing, pull and abusing them. The women’s wails and screams will be detected. they’re pleading with their molesters to allow them to attend no avail.


  • It’s unclear once the video was shot, however it had been recently circulated
  • The women will be detected wailing and screaming within the video.
  • The main defendant has been in remission and also the police are looking for others

RAMPUR: In surprising footage that has emerged from western Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district, regarding 318 metric linear unit from Lucknow, a bunch of fourteen men abused and groped 2 ladies close to a village beneath the Tanda police office, recorded the full incident on their mobile phones and announce the video on social media.

It is not clear once this video was shot, however the clips reportedly were circulated over the last period. The police have filed a case of molestation. Of the fourteen defendant, 2 are in remission this morning, the most defendant was taken into custody yesterday. The police say they’re searching for additional individuals concerned within the incident.

The police hasn’t been able to identity the victims, however within the footage, the lads will be seen interference their approach on a slim road. the lads ar on their motorbikes and there ar trees all around. the lads ar seen uncertain , pushing, pull and abusing them. The women’s wails and screams will be detected within the video. they’re pleading with their molesters to allow them to attend no avail.

“We have known the lads concerned. the most defendant has been in remission. we have a tendency to ar interrogating him and supported what he says the remainder will be nabbed. we have a tendency to filed associate FIR once the videos went infectious agent on social media,” Vipin Tada, Superintendent of Police, Rampur, said.
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s BJP government that came to power once a thumping majority within the assembly polls in March has been severely criticised for a jump in criminal activities within the state. The opposition continues to attack the chief minister for the deteriorating law and order scenario.

As he expressed his discontentedness over the state of affairs in UP and a spike within the variety of incidents that he referred to as “unfortunate”, Yogi Adityanath, however, aforesaid that the new government desires time to exert management as a result of it’s hereditary a law and order system that’s in an exceedingly shambles.

Among the primary initiatives taken by the Adityanath government was the fitting of anti-Romeo squads to forestall harassment of girls at public places. The squads were secure by the BJP whereas it had been effort in UP for polls that it won by a huge margin.

But to date they need been in news for all the incorrect reasons. The initial tv visuals prompt that cops in public shamed couples and young men within the name of protective ladies from harassment. UP Director General of Police Sulkhan Singh then issued dos and don’ts amid allegations of the anti-Romeo squads pampering in ethical policing.

Did Parineeti Chopra lie about being poor for publicity?

Did Parineeti Chopra lie about being poor for publicity?

A guy World Health Organization purportedly visited Parineeti Chopra’s faculty has slammed her for her “fabricated sob story” regarding growing up poor.


At a recent event, Parineeti Chopra shared a touching story regarding her childhood struggles. The actor aforementioned that growing up, her family was poor and she or he couldn’t afford a automobile to travel to highschool. Parineeti talked regarding being eve-teased as she cycled to highschool daily, and the way she has become a stronger person as a results of facing such struggles terribly early in her life.
However, if a bloke purportedly from Parineeti’s faculty is to be believed, the actor’s rags-to-riches story could be a lie. Kkanoo Gupta took to Facebook to slam Parineeti for “lying through the teeth” regarding her impoverished background.
“Shame…coming from a privileged background and lying through the teeth before of camera. i assume this is often what being a celeb means that. produce a invented story of no cash no automobile etc etc (sic),” he wrote.
He added, “Coming from an equivalent faculty I most likely conjointly keep in mind the automobile her father accustomed have. And reaching to faculty on a cycle was a trend those days and conjointly a privilege not everybody had. My friends from CJM (Convent of Redeemer and Mary) would most likely perceive the lies slightly higher (sic).”

Comments on the post appear to agree that Parineeti came from associate important family in Ambala associated even cited her education at the University of Manchester as an example.
Is the actor so lying? solely she will answer.

PM Narendra Modi begins 4-nation Europe tour today. First stop Germany

PM Narendra Modi begins 4-nation Europe tour today. First stop Germany

Prime Minister Narendra Modi these days begins a six-day tour of Europe wherever he can visit Germany, Spain, Russia and France.


After celebrating completion of 3 years of governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can these days begin his four nation tour of Russia, Germany, Espana and France, to spice up bilateral ties.
“My visits to those nations square measure aimed toward boosting Asian country’s economic engagement with them & to ask a lot of investment to India,” the Prime Minister tweeted.
He can begin his tour from Germany, wherever PM Modi can hold bilateral conferences with Chancellor Angela Merkel and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
Modi aforesaid he and Merkel can “chart out a future roadmap of cooperation with specialise in trade and investment, security and counter-terrorism, innovation and science and technology, ability development, urban infrastructure, railways and civil aviation, clean energy, development cooperation, health and medicine.”

On Tuesday, Modi can visit Espana for a politician visit, the primary by associate degree Indian prime minister in virtually 3 decades. He can turn King Felipe VI and hold talks with President Mariano Rajoy.
“We can discuss ways that to reinforce bilateral engagement, particularly within the economic sphere, and cooperation on international problems with common concern, significantly in combating coercion,” he said.

From Spain, the prime minister can visit St. Petersburg in Russia from could thirty one to June a pair of for the eighteenth India-Russia Annual Summit.
“…I will be conducting elaborated discussions with President Putin to require forward our dialogue from the last Summit in state in Gregorian calendar month 2016,” he said.

In the last leg of the tour, he can visit France from June a pair of to three for a politician meeting with the newly-elected French President Emmanuel diacritic.
“France is one in all our most vital Strategic Partners. I expect to meeting President diacritic and have discussions on problems with mutual interest,” Modi aforesaid.

Saharanpur riots: Yogi’s new outreach team uses humour to lighten tense nerves

Saharanpur riots: Yogi's new outreach team uses humour to lighten tense nerves

Yogi Adityanath’s new reach team is victimization humour lighten the strain in riot-hit Saharanpur.

When things become too serious some laughter may well be an honest remedy.
Perhaps this is often the new mantra of Uttar Pradesh government’s handpicked team operating to diffuse tension in riot hit Saharanpur. The question is can the strategy work.
Temperature and tempers each were running high on Th hour, once UP Home Secretary Prakash Mani Mishra, at the side of ADG Law and Order, Hindu deity Mishra, begun their door-to-door reach programme in Shabbirpur village. The team was escorted by an oversized variety of men in uniform.
The reach was geared toward conveyance to individuals of each communities that no matter happened was dangerous, however the govt. won’t permit it to continue. which if any wrongs had been done, they’re going to be undone.
Two deaths had taken place, one every from the Dalit and Thakur communities within the village. individuals were tense, quiet and distressed. What might the law enforcement officials presumably raise them? This question was heavy bystanders. there have been additionally doubts whether or not police had return to book them or one thing. however on the total, anger running high among individuals from each the communities.
In such associate setting, Mishra and his team adopted a brand new strategy to infuse positivism. instead of asking individuals however they were feeling, whether or not they were angry or distressed, he asked associate senior lady from Thakur community, “Kyon amma kya khana banaya hai aaj aapne (Amma, what have you ever soft-bo today)?”
Her reply to the surprising question came with a beaming smile, “lauki ki sabzi (gourd).”
This apparently did the trick. Quiet girls, United Nations agency were hesitant to talk out, started speaking and expressed all their grievances. Some girls same some outsiders return and build issues for villagers, others same police response was poor. however Mishra’s game was to form them speak.
After hanging a positive wire, Mishra and his next team visited a Dalit family’s house, wherever some girls were agitated thanks to the poor response of the police and administration throughout the riots.
Again, one comment by Mishra utterly modified the mood. He told associate senior lady, “Amma agar aap UP police ki metric weight unit atomic number 67jaye toh sabh theek ho jayega (Amma, if you become UP Police metric weight unit, everything’s about to get fixed).”
On hearing this all the ladies started happy. Even Mishra and his team couldn’t stop their laughter.
The individuals of the village had been living peacefully, till a few month past, once clashes begun between the 2 communities over putting in statues of Ravidas and Maharana Pratap.
The reach team’s strategy was basically to lighten the mood within the tense zone, that has been burning for the last twenty days. a gathering of representatives from each communities was additionally unionized to diffuse tension.
The sect of administration was additionally axed by chief minister Yogi Adityanath when it did not management the case. The question is can the new guard be able to resolve long unfinished problems with each communities and convey to associate finish associate uneasy calm that prevails in Saharanpur.

PM Narendra Modi Highlights: India’s Longest Bridge To Be Named After Singer Bhupen Hazarika

PM Narendra Modi Highlights: India's Longest Bridge To Be Named After Singer Bhupen Hazarika

To mark the three-year day of the BJP-led government likewise united year in Assam, PM Narendra Modi is visiting the northeastern state nowadays, wherever he can inaugurate a series of comes.


GUWAHATI: nowadays, 3 years agone, Narendra Modi took charge of the country because the Prime Minister when a landslide success in 2014 Lok Sabha elections defeating the Congress-led government that dominated for ten years. As a neighborhood of elaborate celebrations of the three-year day of the BJP-led government likewise as its one year in Assam, PM Modi nowadays inaugurated India’s longest bridge – the Dhola-Sadiya bridge in Tinsukia district. He then self-addressed a rally in Assam and spoke concerning however this bridge can bring a replacement economic revolution within the country. “If Atal ji’s government were re-elected in 2004, you’d have gotten this bridge ten years agone,” PM Modi same concerning the five-decade-old dream, that he same are named when celebrated singer Bhupen Hazarika. He conjointly stressed on the necessity of infrastructure for permanent development.

Here area unit the highlights of PM Narendra Modi addressing individuals of Assam:

  • The bridge that you have been anticipating main years is here currently.
  • I urge you to require out your mobile phones, activate the electric lamp and also the send the signal of however huge a competition this is often.
  • Brothers and sisters, it’s my fate to return to the present land – wherever Sri Krishna had once set foot.
  • The bridge that you have been anticipating the last 5 decades, nowadays you’ve got got it.
  • If Atal ji’s government were re-elected in 2004, you’d have gotten this bridge ten years agone.
  • Our leader at that point had requested for the bridge and Atal ji’s government ordered a practicability study.
  • If the work had gone on course then you’d have gotten this bridge ten years agone.
  • But then the govt modified and there have been obstacles, thus your dream was delayed.
  • Then within the last 3 years all efforts were created to grasp Atal ji’s dream.
  • Today once the BJP government in Assam is finishing a year, Assam’s issues area unit being solved one by one.
  • This bridge isn’t simply a reason of Assam’s pride however that of the whole country.
  • One issue is definite, if you wish to form development permanent then infrastructure is that the very first thing required.
  • Physical infrastructure, social infrastructure ought to go hand in hand.
  • My government’s intent is to form development permanent. we would like to fulfil all dreams of the country.
  • This bridge can bring Assam and Arunachal nearer. a hundred sixty five kilometer distance shortened, hours of transit time saved – this opens new doors of economic prosperity.
  • The ginger farmers of Sadiya can get a replacement market.
  • This bridge can evoke a replacement economic revolution. the whole India is viewing this bridge nowadays. they’re proud that such an outsized project has been undertaken in India.
  • If there’s one region that has the foremost scope of tributary to India’s dream of unexampled development, it’s the east and also the northeast.
  • So we’ve got invariably endeavoured to require development to new heights.
    Let alone the time, this bridge can save Rs. ten 100000 of fuel each day for the person.
  • We area unit operating to provide a thrust to waterways.
  • This region will play an enormous role in connecting India to South East Asia.
  • We area unit operating to form this region a hub of economic activity.
  • Railways within the northeast hasn’t received the maximum amount attention because it ought to have.
  • Due to property issues, several Indians area unit unaware of however stunning this place is. If we will build this a tourer hub, the economy of this region can profit plenty.
  • This bridge can currently be well-known by the name of Bhupen Hazarika, the son of Brahmaputra WHO hypnotized the planet along with his voice.
  • I congratulate Sarbananda Sonowal and his team. In one year he has taken on such a lot of tough issues. it’s very exceptional.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams Movie Review: This Brings Back All Our Sachin Tendulkar Memories

Sachin: A Billion Dreams picture Review: Forget the film, celebrate the master. Sachin: A Billion Dreams created Pine Tree State cry and gasp and cheer louder than any film in ages.

Cast: Sachin Tendulkar, Anjali Tendulkar, Sara Tendulkar, Arjun Tendulkar, Mayuresh Pem, MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag
Director: James Erskine
Rating: four stars

The year was 2009. Stand-up comedy was barely a go to bed Bharat, and from those pioneering early sets performed late at the hours of darkness in Mumbai, I keep in mind only 1 gag. At the time, bullying politicians were divisively business for Maharashtrian signboards everyplace and for ‘outsiders’ to depart, going against the hospitable heart of most town. it absolutely was during this charged atmosphere that a bright young comic referred to as Rohan Joshi aforementioned he, as a Maharashtrian wounded by this communality, would even so provide a handful of words on behalf of Maharashtrians everyplace. The night was packed with barely entertained and judgemental drinkers, and Joshi was terribly, very green, however with 2 words he brought the house down, rousingly and right away. “Sachin Tendulkar.”

In our lives and times, Bharat has leaned on it name. Hard. it’s a reputation we’ve got used as mythology and as mantra, as hope and as diacetylmorphine.

It is conjointly a reputation, I even have argued for quite your time currently, that doesn’t belong during a picture. The narrative is simply too godlike, too unrivaled, too freed from greys and conflict to truly create stirring cinema. A movie about him would end up paying obeisance, not telling a tale. It would capitalise Him, and likely be closer to Jai Santoshi Maa than to Dhoni. A rise and rise and rise does not a story make.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams is thankfully not a biopic. This is a documentary not merely about the man with that name, but one narrated by him, one where he tells his own story in his own words. It is not journalistic or incisive or probing. It feels, instead, intimate – as intimate as it can feel, anyway, for a film where an audience claps and cheers alongside those who clapped and cheered live, years ago. Which is to say: it is us today applauding in time with us yesterday.

An example of how personal this feels: I have never, ever heard an audience of the press break into unanimous and spontaneous applause at a film’s intermission. Yet, technically speaking, it is unexciting filmmaking. Director James Erskine clunkily strings together a greatest-hits narrative by numbers, with a constantly swelling background score, too many reverential voices and zero contrarians. AR Rahman’s music is overwrought – though the fan-favourite Maa Tujhe Salaam is used quite spiffily – and the changing aspect ratio is distracting, as is the tragically un-remastered video footage. There are no narrative flourishes, and the voiceover is overtly literal, featuring shots, for instance, of a lady huffing tiredly up the stairs while Tendulkar tells us his mother never tired. This is a film that unapologetically panders to the fans, one that preaches to the choir.
Good thing it’s a massive choir.

We’re all singing along. It is one thing to refrain from a review when one is too close to a film or people involved in its making, but here that applies to nearly all of us. As his late father Ramesh Tendulkar says in the film, everyone felt Sachin was a member of their families. Thus I knowingly discarded my critic hat. As a fan, I sobbed and felt my heart thump goddamned hard and relived all the ways in which Sachin’s milestones were echoed by my life, simply as they square measure by yours: wherever were you once he took the last over in the Hero Cup? United Nations agency were you with once the hundredth hundredth happened? What communication did you have the day once the tempest in Sharjah? This is a fanboy writing concerning a celebration, and that is very well – as a result of, hey, we’re doing it for Sachin.

There is lots to examine here, from Sachin cradling his newborn daughter’s head as if checking the heft on a brand new bat, to footage from his delightfully chintzy wedding video, complete with unsubdivided cutouts and Vinod Kambli during a fuchsia suit. we have a tendency to learn the way he referred to as Shane Warne to dinner and served the food solely in the dead of night, which, with a tournament underneath means, looked like strategy to the legspinner. we have a tendency to hear the Bappi Lahiri song he plays over and over once he has to channel the ambience, and that we watch him refusing to alter his daughter’s diapers – and instead teaching the kid a way to signal a four.

India changes dramatically through Tendulkar’s 24 year career, best expressed by the file footage of a drastically young Prannoy Roy and, over a decade later, a young Rajdeep Sardesai, newscasters United Nations agency age whereas the story remains an equivalent. we have a tendency to see Wasim Akram arrange to intimidate a sixteen year previous – “The solely drive you will get here is that the one from the building to the arena,” the quick bowler had sneered – and that we watch Tendulkar bat aboard lads United Nations agency learnt cricket by marvelling at his exploits on tv. He shows off his kit-bag – which contains glue, tape, sandpaper and batting grips, which he used to fix colleagues’ bats – and we witness the man with the iconically squeaky voice go even shriller with a mouthful of helium.

There are moments treated as asides which deserved a lot more room, like Tendulkar’s take on the match-fixing scandal, and the film has a terrific shot of Mohammad Azharuddin looking on while Sachin busily signs autographs. Also, as selfless and incredible narratives go, I’d say there’s a really great film waiting to be made on Ajit Tendulkar, Sachin’s elder brother and all-sacrificing tag-team partner, a gentle long-haired sage who speaks like a modest Confucius.

What the documentary does well, however, is show just how deeply pressure and criticism weighed on Sachin. How shamefully his children were jeered at in school when his batting wasn’t upto scratch, and how headlines and editorials baying for his blood affected the man himself. We are, for better or worse, hearing Tendulkar tell his story his way, and it’s interesting to see what he chooses to talk about.

We’re listening. When it comes to Sachin, everything means the world. His initial bat being given by a sister endears her to United States of America forever, etching the instant into content. If you are a believer, you will smile, sob and love this, albeit attributable to the topic and not the film itself. Film, in fact, is AN inadequate word. this can be a journey.

Zaheer Khan, Sagarika Ghatge Officially Engaged. Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli Trend

Zaheer Khan, Sagarika Ghatge Officially Engaged. Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli Trend

Anushka Sharma and athlete Virat Kohli, UN agency area unit rumoured to be chemical analysis, were the celebs at Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge’s engagement ceremony in Bombay on Tues.



  • Anushka and Virat arrived hand-in-hand for the ceremony
  • Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge formally changed rings on Tues
  • Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh conjointly attended the ceremony

NEW DELHI: role player Anushka Sharma and athlete Virat Kohli, UN agency area unit rumoured to be chemical analysis, were the celebs at Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge’s engagement ceremony in Bombay on Tues evening. Anushka and Virat arrived hand-in-hand for the ceremony. The Phillauri role player was wearing black whereas Virat complemented her in white shirt and black garment. Anushka and Virat were showstoppers at Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech’s reception last year. Meanwhile, Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge, UN agency declared their engagement on social media last month, formally changed rings in an exceedingly grand ceremony. Besides Anushka and Virat, Sachin Tendulkar and better half Anjali, Yuvraj Singh, Raveena Tandon and Anil Thadani, athlete Rohit Sharma and better half Ritika, Mandira Bedi, Prachi Desai, attended the ceremony.

Mumbai: Wife of cop, who probed Sheena Bora murder case, found murdered inside her flat

Mumbai: Wife of cop, who probed Sheena Bora murder case, found murdered inside her flat

Wife of police inspector Gyaneshwar Ganore was found dead within her house in Santacruz west. Ganore, WHO is announce at Khar station, was related to the probe within the sensational Sheena Bora murder case.



  • Mumbai police cop’s adult female found dead within her flat.
  • Cop’s son, WHO is missing, prime suspect within the case.
  • Police inspector Gyaneshwar Ganore was a part of team inquiring Sheena Bora murder case.

Wife of a police inspector was found dead within her house in Santacruz east nowadays. The cop known as inspector Gyaneshwar Ganore is announce at Khar station and was once a part of the team inquiring the sensational Sheena Bora murder case .
The highprofile Sheena Bora murder case was registered at the Khar station. Ganore was one in all the work officers within the case and additionally headed the team that inactive prime defendant Indrani Mukerjea.
The police same clear Ganore’s son seems to be the prime suspect within the case. Police same the son had left a note during which he admitted to own killed his mother. Ganore’s son, a primary year student, is missing and his itinerant is additionally found to be changed.
“I have killed ma and that i am tired,” the note recovered by the police states.
When Ganore came back to his Prabhat Colony house from work early nowadays he found his adult female Dimple lying during a pool of blood. Her throat was slit. He referred to as the police room right away. Dimple was taken to a close-by hospital wherever doctors declared her dead.
The adult female body has been unbroken during a hospital for post-mortem. The Vakola police has registered a murder case and is investigated the matter from all doable angles.

Uttarakhand bus accident: PM Modi announces ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh for kin of deceased

Uttarakhand bus accident: PM Modi announces ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh for kin of deceased

Prime Minister Narendra Modi nowadays proclaimed relief package of Rs a pair of hundred thousand to the kin of the deceased within the Uttarakhand bus accident.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi nowadays proclaimed ex-gratia of Rs a pair of hundred thousand for the families of these killed within the bus accident close to Dharasu band in Uttarakhand on weekday.
“My prayers and commonality with people who lost their worshipped ones within the unfortunate bus accident in Uttarkashi. could the wounded recover presently,” Modi aforementioned in a very tweet.
Modi conjointly proclaimed Rs50,000 from the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund for the seriously wounded.

PM @narendramodi has conjointly proclaimed Rs. 50,000 for those seriously wounded within the bus accident in Uttarkashi.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan conjointly proclaimed Associate in Nursing ex-gratia of Rs a pair of hundred thousand every to ensuing of kin of the deceased.
At least twenty four persons were killed and eight others wounded once the bus carrying pilgrims from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, plunged into a deep gorge close to Dharasu band.
The incident happened once the bus fell into Bhagirathi stream close to Nalupani whereas strolling back from Gangotri shrine within the range of mountains.

Katrina Kaif Reposts Mumbai Woman Cop’s Message. You Should Read It Too

Katrina Kaif Reposts Mumbai Woman Cop's Message. You Should Read It Too O

NEW DELHI: Actor Katrina Kaif’s Instagram posts are invariably a treat – she’s been posting some good under-the-table photos from her shoots and a few lovely throwback photos too. However, among all those pretty posts is one a couple of girl cop that is winning love on the exposure sharing app. Some twenty two hours before penning this, Katrina reposted an image shared by Humans of urban center on their Instagram account. The exposure shared shows a girl police officer from metropolis and attendant it’s her story beside a message for everybody.

In the post, the cop, not named, talks regarding her reason for connection the police. She additionally tries to clear bound misconceptions individuals could have regarding the local department. certify you browse until the tip of the post for her message.

#Repost @officialhumansofbombay ・・・ “I grew up watching my brothers and uncles working in the police force. When the time came to pick a profession, I chose to be a police constable myself because I wanted to be able to protect myself and others without being dependent on anyone. Today however, I feel like because of a few incidents, we’re misunderstood on the whole. Everyone thinks we’re lazy, corrupt and that if they dial an emergency number it’s useless — but let me tell you that I’ve attended to those emergency calls myself. I drive this van during the night slot, and if any woman in the locality I’ve been assigned calls 103, I will be there within a few minutes. Next time, trust in us and dial any emergency number…we won’t let you down.”

A post shared by Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif) on

Since being reposted, the post has collected over one.8 large integer ‘likes’ and plenty of comments on Instagram.

“Such associate degree inspiring post,” says one commenter. “Thank you Katrina Kaif adult female for spreading awareness,” says another.
Tell North American nation what you think that of the post within the comments section below.

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