Sanjay Dutt’s Wife Maanyata Is Logging Their Europe Vacation Online.

Sanjay Dutt's Wife Maanyata Is Logging Their Europe Vacation Online.

Shahraan and Iqra square measure consultants at photobombing.


  • The Dutts’ Europe tour taken off with a style of Rome and European nation
  • Shahraan and Iqra square measure consultants at photobombing
  • On Eid, Maanyata and Mr Dutt enjoyed a dinner date within the Cote d’Azur

Actor Sanjay Dutt is moving Europe along with his family. Mr Dutt’s partner Maanyata is busy change her Instagram with vacation posts on a daily basis whereas their youngsters Shahraan and Iqra contribute by movement just like the very little star children they’re. The Dutts’ Europe tour taken off with a style of Rome and European nation earlier this month and that they will presently be noticed enjoying the sun, ocean and therefore the sand within the Cote d’Azur. On Eid, Maanyata and Mr Dutt enjoyed a dinner date minus the kids, reveals Maanyata’s Instagram. “Eid dinner with my best 0.5,” she captioned one amongst the images. On behalf of the Dutts, she wrote: “Wishing you all a awfully happy and peaceful Eid. could Allah settle for your smart deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all individuals round the globe.”

However, Maanyata’s vacation footage prove that the Dutt youngsters square measure consultants at photobombing. “The season could be a excellent time to replicate on our blessings and to hunt out ways that to create life higher for those around us” – whereas Maanyata perceived to be quiet within the pic with this caption, Iqra and Mr Dutt endearingly photobombed her within the background. In her poolside pic during a scarlet swim-wear, Shahraan can even be seen jumping out of the water.

Meanwhile, {they square measure|they’re} enjoying everything French to the fullest: “The things that we tend to love tell North American country what we tend to are….loving the Cote d’Azur,” she captioned her image in resort wear whereas another one read: “In to the south of France….everything gets stunning.”

Sanjay Dutt wrapped the shooting of his comeback film Bhoomi it slow back and is awaiting the moving picture to hit theatres on Gregorian calendar month twenty two. His approaching movies embrace Saheb Biwi Aur felon, Torbaaz and Munna Bhai three.

Ballabgarh lynching: 4 more arrested for killing Muslim teen Junaid inside train

Ballabgarh lynching: 4 more arrested for killing Muslim teen Junaid inside train

Sources told Bharat nowadays that every one four men belong to a village close to Hodal. they’re all believed to be regular commuters World Health Organization accustomed take the EMU train to capital of India from the Haryana city.

In a major breakthrough within the Ballabhgarh murder case during which 16-year-old Hafiz Junaid was lynched and 3 others separated, four additional defendant were in remission nowadays for the attack within a Mathura-bound train.
Sources told Bharat nowadays that every one four men belong to a village close to Hodal. they’re all believed to be regular commuters World Health Organization accustomed take the EMU train to capital of India from the Haryana city.
Ramesh, 35, was the primary defendant to be in remission from his native place Palwal in Haryana late on Friday night for Junaid’s murder. He was later sent in three-day police custody by a neighborhood court.
Junaid was injured to death whereas his brothers Hashim and Sakir and friend Mohsin were separated by a mob, that additionally allegedly hurled anti-Muslim slurs against them on-board the Delhi-Mathura railroad train between Ballabgarh and Mathura stations on weekday night.
In his police criticism, Hasib aforesaid a minimum of 15-20 persons boarded the train at Okhla railroad station and asked them to vacate seats for them.
All four were thrashed all the manner from Tughlakabad to the Ballabhgarh railroad station and were attacked with sharp-edged weapons and later thrown out of the train at Asaoti railroad station in Palwal district.
Junaid succumbed to his injuries on weekday night during a hospital. the opposite 3 were separated, 2 of them critically, and ar beneath treatment at the All Bharat Institute of Medical Sciences Trauma Centre in metropolis.
The arrest of 4 additional defendant within the case additionally came hours before the Not In My Name campaign – triggered by Junaid’s murder – planned in many cities across Bharat later nowadays.

GST Impact On Real Estate: Will Property Prices Come Down?

GST Impact On Real Estate: Will Property Prices Come Down?

As the country switches to GST from Dominion Day, the new revenue enhancement regime can subsume nearly a dozen of central and state taxes, together with excise duty, excise (VAT) and repair tax.



  • Government has enclosed Associate in Nursing anti-profiteering clause in GST law
  • Passing on advantage of tax reduction to client necessary
  • Not abundant impact seen on costs in brief term, say some specialists

Property purchase is one among the most important money choices of someone. How GST, or product and services tax, can impact the $64000 estate sector? can property costs return down? this might be the highest of the mind of the many prospective patrons. because the country switches to GST from Dominion Day, the new revenue enhancement regime can subsume nearly a dozen of central and state taxes, together with excise duty, excise (VAT) and repair tax. to make sure that developers pass away the profit to the ultimate client, the govt. has enclosed Associate in Nursing anti-profiteering clause in GST law. beneath this law, it’s necessary to pass away the advantage of tax reduction as a result of input step-down to the ultimate client. one among the numerous changes in GST is input step-down, wherever credits of input taxes paid at every stage of production or service delivery are often availed within the succeeding stages valuable addition, so serving to eliminate “tax on tax”.

Impact on Residential property

Analysts say that for the residential property sector, the implementation of GST are going to be a sentiment booster for property patrons although there may be short challenges for developers in transitioning to the new tax regime. Some specialists do not see abundant of an impression on costs within the short term.

“GST might not be instrumental in transportation down the costs of residential property over the short term. However, it’ll profit all the stakeholders of the residential property sector, because the perception of the arena can improve on the rear of a simplified tax structure,” same Anuj Puri, chairman of ANAROCK Property Consultants.

In a report, domestic brokerage wild flower Securities same, “We expect GST to be positive for the arena, with property costs probably to melt by 1-3 per cent. Impact may vary looking on extent of input credit transferred, value structure and property completion standing.”

Current legal system

According to the present taxation system, development and sale of property attracts multitude of state and central taxes. in line with wild flower, for the client, taxes applicable and also their share varies looking on construction standing of property (under-construction versus complete) and the state within which the property is found. just in case of purchase of Associate in Nursing under-construction property, a purchaser is subjected to payment of VAT, service tax, stamp tax and registration charges, whereas just in case of purchase of completed plus, solely stamp tax and registration charges area unit due (VAT and repair tax area unit exempt). Applicable rates for VAT, stamp tax and registration charges, all being state levies, area unit specified by every state. Service tax, a central levy, is charged on construction value and effective service tax paid by client is around three.8-4.5% on sale agreement worth (ex-taxes), wild flower same.

Under the present tax regime, it’s terribly troublesome for patrons to determine what elements area unit enclosed for calculation of VAT and repair tax, same man Puri of ANAROCK Property.

Benefit to Property patrons

Under the GST regime, all under-construction properties are going to be charged at twelve per cent on property worth (excluding stamp tax and registration charges), same man Puri, adding that it’ll not apply to completed and ready-to-move-in comes, as there are not any indirect taxes applicable within the sale of such properties. just in case of under-construction properties, levy of stamp tax and registration charges on the client can continue.

A simple and clear tax regime applied on the acquisition worth beneath GST is that the biggest takeaway for property patrons, man Puri more same. Also, a developer may avail input step-down on sale of under-construction property (not allowed for completed property) against taxes paid by the property purchaser, looking on applicable rules.

VAT (with rates differing from one state to another) and repair tax along account for 7-9 per cent of the price ticket worth for a residential property, that is 3-4 per cent less than the GST rate, in line with man Puri. however the builder should pass away the advantage of the worth reduction he enjoys as a result of input step-down to the client, he added.

Benefit to Developers

Under the present tax regime, a property developer is subject to central excise duty, VAT and entry taxes (levied by state) on construction material value. On the services used (labour charges, designer fees, approval charges, legal fees, etc), developers pays service tax of fifteen per cent. property developers conjointly grapple with the challenges of multiple-taxation and also the accumulative burden eventually gets passed on to the client.

According to man Puri, major construction materials haven’t seen a major amendment in rate beneath the GST regime however lower transportation and supply prices beneath GST can cut back overall value.

“GST can eliminate all the opposite taxes, and also the advantage of having the ability to assert input step-down may also improve developers’ profit margins. Developers too can realize the GST regime abundant easier to figure with, with the advantage of input step-down being a new advantage,” man Puri same.

‘Best To Keep Virat Kohli In The Loop’: Former Cricketer’s Suggestion To Select Team India Coach

'Best To Keep Virat Kohli In The Loop': Former Cricketer's Suggestion To Select Team India Coach

The Indian team coach could be a trending topic of world cricket.


  • The last date to use for Team Bharat coach is Gregorian calendar month nine
  • BCCI can choose the coach before land tour: Rajeev Shukla
  • Ravi Shastri and Virender Sehwag ar the front-runners


The Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli spat has been a trending topic since the previous tweeted his resignation as Bharat coach, lightness his reasons for quitting the high-profile job – among them that captain Kohli had “reservations” regarding his vogue. Sources told NDTV that there have been sharp variations and several other reasons why to 2 were nearly destined to fall aside. For one, they alleged, “Anil Kumble treated players like college youngsters.” The coach reportedly gave the players a “dressing-down” when the team lost the ICC Champions Trophy final to West Pakistan at The Oval on Gregorian calendar month eighteen.
The focus from Kumble has currently shifted to choosing India’s new coach. The list includes Virender Sehwag, Tom Moody, Richard Pybus and Lalchand Hindustani, among others.
Two days past, former Team Bharat director Ravi Shastri too threw his hat within the ring and currently, going by the team’s selection, is taken into account because the possibly candidate to switch Kumble.
Meanwhile, former Bharat cricketer-turned-commentator Sanjay Manjrekar needs the Indian skipper to own a say in choosing the coach. He emphasizes that, if not a part of the method then a minimum of the captain ought to be unbroken within the loop.
Manjrekar took to Twitter and same,” Considering the events up to now, best to stay Virat within the loop whereas appointing Bharat coach. that may be the smart factor to try to to.”

Former Bharat coach port of entry Kirtsen, WHO junction rectifier Bharat to glory in 50-over tourney 2011 additionally gave his suggestion on social media,” continually loved operating with Team Bharat and hopefully they notice the coach most fitted to their team,” he same on Twitter.

Former athlete Aakash Chopra too took to Twitter and gave his reaction on the continued adventure story.

From general public to cricket fans to former cricketers, everybody appears to be sad with the approach things were handled. Some ar standing by Anil Kumble whereas the younger generation has been supporting the Indian skipper.
An engineer applying for the post of Bharat coach has additionally raised few eyebrows that shows the extent of the feelings hooked up with the status job.
The last date to use for the coach’s job is Gregorian calendar month nine and also the worry can once more get on BCCI’s Cricket consultive Committee comprising Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman to settle on the simplest man for the task.

Sourav Ganguly Opens Up About Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli Rift

Sourav Ganguly Opens Up About Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli Rift

Former Asian country captain Sourav Ganguly same that the Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli spat wasn’t handled properly.


  • Ganguly is president of Cricket Association of geographical region
  • Ganguly may be a member of the CAC
  • Ganguly was enclosed in BCCI reform panel


Former Asian country captain Sourav Ganguly same on Tuesday that the Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli spat, that came to lightweight before the independent agency Champions Trophy 2017, ought to are handled in a very mature method. Ganguly, one among the 3 members of the Asian countryn cricket board’s Cricket informative Committee (CAC) that has been given the task of deciding United Nations agency successive Team India coach are going to be, said, “the matter between Kumble and Kohli ought to are handled lots higher, by whoever answerable. it absolutely was not handled properly.” The coaching job adventure story took another activate Tuesday as former team director, Ravi Shastri, applied for the highest job and currently seems to be the competitor when Kumble stepped down from the post citing ‘untenable’ variations with the present team captain Virat Kohli.
Shastri had applied for the position last year too however Kumble was favoured over him.
Following that, Shastri had taken pot shots at Ganguly and claimed that the previous Asian country captain, as a member of the CAC, lobbied for Kumble to interchange him and convinced the opposite panel members, Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman.
“Everybody has the proper to use. we’ll resolve. I can even apply provided i am not associate administrator,” Ganguly same.
The president of Cricket Association of geographical region (CAB) was on Tuesday named in a very seven-member committee headed by IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla to spot the “few crucial points” within the implementation of the Supreme writ towards implementation of the Lodha Committee recommendations.
“We can need to hear committee of directors. i am not specifically certain what is going to happen however i will be able to resolve,” Ganguly, United Nations agency is that the solely athlete within the panel, said.
Meanwhile, the CAB can have associate aborning meeting on national holiday to debate the method forward with the Lodha reforms.
“We didn’t have SGM last year. until the reforms area unit done it will not happen. we’ve knowing the members of the meeting to debate what is the method forward,” Ganguly superimposed.

Indian Navy Outgunned As China Launches Its Biggest Destroyer

Indian Navy Outgunned As China Launches Its Biggest Destroyer

China is building four of those destroyers, the primary of that was shown off this morning at the Shanghai port.

NEW DELHI: China nowadays launched its most powerful armed service destroyer, the kind 055, that is among the most important warships within the world.

China is building four of those destroyers, the primary of that was shown off this morning at the Shanghai port.

Weighing in once absolutely armed at over twelve,000 tonnes, the large kind 055 is significantly larger and additional powerful than India’s latest Project- 15B “Visakhapatnam” category destroyers that have still not been commissioned. India’s latest destroyers can displace near eight,200 tonnes once utterly armed and square measure designed to hold a mixture of nearly fifty surface-to-air, anti-ship and land attack missiles. In distinction, China’s big cruiser can mix nearly one hundred twenty missiles, creating it one amongst the foremost heavily-armed ships within the world.

Powerful phased array radars can facilitate it specialize in targets perplexed, onto land and within the air. the enormous new combat ship is that the most refined style place to ocean by China that has commissioned a bunch of latest, advanced warships at a stimulating pace over the last 5 years. consistent with PLA Realtalk, associate ope-source on-line platform that discusses Chinese military developments, “The 055 is anticipated to field a considerably additional trendy and additional capable command and management and battle management system.”


Since March 2014, China has commissioned 5 kind 52D destroyers thought to be similar in capability to India’s `Visakhapatnam’ category warships mentioned on top of. Worryingly for India, that has planned seven of those warships, China plans a fleet of a minimum of eighteen ships of this category.

Earlier this year, China launched its 1st autochthonous warship, construction of that started in Nov 2013. India’s own native warship, the Vikrant (named when India’s 1st craft carrier), in development since 2009, she sailed out for the primary time in 2011, however is unlikely to be completed before 2023 consistent with a report last year of the national auditor.

China is presently fast in a very war of words with the us over its presence on artificially-created islands within the controversial waters of the South China ocean. India is a vital maritime ally of the us and shares deep considerations on the enlargement of the Chinese Navy, significantly within the ocean. within the last 5 years, China has perpetually deployed submarines (including nuclear submarines), warships and support vessels within the ocean.
In Jan this year, Admiral Harry Harris Junior., the Commander of the North American country Pacific Command aforementioned, “I believe India ought to worry regarding the enhanced Chinese influence. If you think there’s solely a finite quantity of influence within the region, then no matter influence that China has is influence that India does not have.”

Saw Prisoner Being Dragged With Saree Around Neck: Indrani Mukerjea

Saw Prisoner Being Dragged With Saree Around Neck: Indrani Mukerjea

Indrani Mukerjea, 44, a former media businessperson, has been within the Byculla jail within the heart of Mumbai since 2015 on charges of murdering her girl, Sheena Bora.


  • Woman unfortunate brutalized with stick, killed in jail
  • 6 jail officers suspended, one, a woman, charged with murder
  • Indrani Mukerjea to testify concerning being vulnerable with violence

MUMBAI:Indrani Mukerjea, testifying in a very Mumbai court concerning the surprising death of a lady World Health Organization was confined at an equivalent Mumbai jail as her, these days same she saw the victim being “dragged out of the of the jail superintendent’s space along with her frock round her neck.” Manjula Shetye died when allegedly being overwhelmed by a lady jail official; the police criticism or FIR additionally states that a lathee or wood stick was inserted within the victim’s reproductive organ throughout the alarming attack on her.

Appearing within the witness stand, Ms Mukerjea alleged that authorities at Byculla Jail additionally vulnerable her with the “same consequence” as Ms Shetye. “Tujhe hum dekh lenge. Joh unke saath terrorist group woh tumhare saath hoga (You can face an equivalent consequence as her (Ms Shetye).”

Ms Mukerjea, 44, a former media businessperson, has been within the Byculla jail within the heart of Mumbai since 2015 on charges of murdering her girl, Sheena Bora. Ms Mukerjea has been suspect of inciting a riot that stony-broke out on Sabbatum in protest against Ms Shetye’s death. ladies jailers – nearly two hundred of them – climbed on the roof of the jail; some set newspapers aflame among the prison.

Ms Mukerjea’s professional had told the court that she was overwhelmed too by jail officers and is heavily injured on her arms and legs. She was additionally allegedly warned with statutory offence.

In court these days, she alleged that she at the side of alternative inmates was overwhelmed with batons by male officers; they place out the lights before assaulting them, she added.

The court has ordered Ms Mukerjea’s health check to determine injuries. She has additionally been allowed to file a police criticism against Byculla jail officers within the alleged assault case.

Six jail officers are suspended for Ms Shetye’s death; one in all them has been charged with murder.

Ms Mukerjea’s arrest 2 years agone became a high-profile crime story when the police disclosed that her girl Sheena Bora, World Health Organization she introduced as her sister, had been dead in 2012. Ms Mukerjea, a former better half, her driver and and her husband Peter Mukerjea are inactive for Ms Bora’s killing.

Indrani and Peter Mukerjea owned a TV network that they oversubscribed in 2009.

Ms Bora was engaged to Rahul Mukerjea, World Health Organization is Peter Mukerjea’s son from AN earlier wedding.

Kerala Actress Who Was Abducted, Molested Speaks For First Time On Case

Kerala Actress Who Was Abducted, Molested Speaks For First Time On Case

The actor same she could sue a prime South Dravidian actor when he alleged that she was friends with the person suspect of assaulting her.


  • In Feb, Kerala actor kidnapped and abused in her automotive
  • Her former driver is main suspect, half dozen folks confined
  • Co-star Dileep suggests in interview she was friends with driver

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:In Kerala, the actor WHO was seize then abused whereas movement to Kochi for work, has spoken for the primary time on her case. when the Feb assault, six folks were in remission together with a driver she had destroyed WHO is that the main suspect.

Yesterday, the actor same she is considering suing a South Dravidian actor when he alleged that she was friends along with her confined driver WHO is understood as neutron star Suni.

In associate degree interview to a neighborhood television station on Mon night, actor Dileep, WHO uses only one name, looked as if it would counsel that the actor ought to are a lot of cautious regarding WHO she befriended.

In a statement to the press yesterday, the actor same, “It’s been delivered to my data that associate degree actor has same that the suspect during this case – neutron star Suni and that i were friends which one ought to take care whereas selecting friends. This has offended Maine. If such unwarranted allegations {are|ar|area unit|square Maineasure} created against me, i’m even willing take proceedings, if needed.”


The actor conjointly same that she has not spoken earlier regarding her case as a result of senior police officers suggested that “any comment would adversely have an effect on the investigation of the case.”

The woman was restrained during a moving automotive for nearly 2 hours whereas a gang of a minimum of four men abused her and conjointly took photos on their cellphones.

Actor Dileep WHO has acted with the girl within the past last week filed a police criticism against her former driver neutron star Sani for blackmailing him from jail.

Last week, South Dravidian director Nadir monarch alleged that he received a decision from an in depth aide of neutron star Suni, the prime suspect, linking genius Dileep to the case.

After Modi-Trump meet, Chinese media warns India, says US cannot help you counterbalance China

In the scene of PM Narendra Modi’s meeting with United States President, Chinese media have warned national capital that it ought to avoid the “geopolitical trap” being set by Washington.



  • PM Narendra Modi meets United States President Donald Trump at White House.
  • Modi-Trump issue joint statement asking West Pakistan to prevent backing terror teams.
  • Chinese media warns Bharat that United States is victimization it as a tool to balance national capital.

As China closely follows the outcomes of Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with United States President Donald Trump, media shops in national capital warned india that yank wooing of India with a watch on China was “a politics trap” that would not find yourself serving to urban center.
Citing the provocative example of the first Sixties, the hawkish international Times tabloid aforementioned during a Tues comment, “From the tip of the Nineteen Fifties to the start of the Sixties, each the Russia and therefore the United States wished to play the Bharat card to visualize China. Then the Kennedy government supported India’s Forward Policy. however the result wasn’t what was expected,” it said, concerning India’s defeat within the 1962 war and therefore the lack of yank help then.
“India is not able to balance China,” the comment by Yu Ning continuing, “which has been tried by history. national capital ought to avoid being roped into a politics lure. Despite its anxieties over China’s rise, maintaining a stable relationship with China is of additional importance to its security and development.”
The comment aforementioned that “Washington’s pursuit of nearer ties with {new delhi|New Delhi|Indian capital|capital of Bharat|national capital} is principally driven by its strategic have to be compelled to employ India as a tool to counterbalance China.”
“How several sensible interests will Bharat gain from it? throughout Barack Obama’s tenure, so as to woo Bharat, he secure to support India’s bid for a world organization Security Council seat, however failed to place it to any sensible action. can Trump take substantial steps to facilitate India’s UNSC bid? It’s laborious to inform. can Trump place additional pressure on West Pakistan for its alleged support of terrorist groups? the solution is incredibly possible to be negative,” it said.
“The United States has cozied up to Bharat. however Bharat isn’t a United States ally like Japan or Australia. To assume a job as associate outpost country within the US’ strategy to contain China isn’t in line with India’s interests. It may even result in ruinous results. If Bharat regresses from its non-alignment stance and becomes a pawn for the United States in countering China, it’ll be trapped during a strategic quandary and new politics frictions are going to be triggered in South Asia.”
Chinese strategic consultants are closely following Modi’s visit to the United States and initial meeting with Donald Trump, World Health Organization hosted the Chinese President Xi Jinping in April. Of specific concern for China is that the defence agreements – specially the sale of police investigation drones – likewise as plans to maximize maritime cooperation within the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

India vs West Indies: MS Dhoni’s Wife Sakshi Shares Adorable Photo Of Her ‘Two Boys’

MS Dhoni's Wife Sakshi Shares Adorable Photo Of Her 'Two Boys'

Many of the Indian players’ families area unit within the the Indies throughout the series.


  • Sakshi denote a pic with Dhawan’s son and Bravo’s child
  • Sakshi captioned the ikon “My 2 boys”
  • The Indian team is presently moving the the Indies

We have seen wives and girlfriends attendant their partners throughout cricket tours, and India’s tour of the Caribbean Islands isn’t any totally different. we have a tendency to saw Yuvraj Singh’s partner Hazel Keech within the stands, cheering for her husband throughout the second One-Day International (ODI) on Sunday, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s partner Sakshi is additionally around and he or she took to Instagram to share a selfie with Shikhar Dhawan’s son Zoravar and the Indies athlete Dwayne Bravo’s kid that she captioned “My 2 boys !!! #dhawanjr #bravojr !”. whereas the 2 boys area unit seen creating funny faces within the image, Sakshi is enjoying their company.

My two boys !!! #dhawanjr #bravojr !

A post shared by Sakshi (@sakshisingh_r) on

As before long as Republic of India reached Trinidad, Bravo in conjunction with his brother Darren Bravo, visited the Indian cricketers throughout their trial at Port of Spain.
After the second ODI, the West Indies’ expert invited Virat Kohli et al to his house for dinner. Shikhar tweeted a photograph, captioned, “Had an excellent time at @DJBravo47 house. @ajinkyarahane88 @imVkohli.”

Even Dhoni visited his metropolis Super Kings teammate’s house on Monday.
Bravo, UN agency last compete Associate in Nursing ODI for his country in Oct 2014, uploaded an image on Instagram and captioned, “It was nice to possess my brother from Associate in Nursingother Mother at my house last night in conjunction with his lovely girl an my mum #champion #djbravo #Family @mahi7781”

Bravo and Virat conjointly share a decent sociableness because the latter had featured in Bravo’s song ‘Chalo, Chalo’, that had several different cricketers like Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, archangel Hussey and Irfan Pathan.

India, UN agency area unit moving the Indies for 5 in some unspecified time in the future Internationals (ODIs) and a Twenty20 International, beat the hosts within the second ODI match by a margin of one zero five runs to require 1-0 lead within the series.

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